Random 5 for September 3 – People, ambition, comfort, birds, seasons


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Just amazing – I have been mesmerized all week with the goings on in Houston. The awful storm, the heroic actions of people, the amazing rescues, the tragic losses. I have smiled and cried and prayed. Sappy holidays and tragedies … Continue reading

A few short thoughts for Thursday


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We are in the middle of a flooring project. So far there was only one medical issue that was satisfied with one Band-Aid, ok maybe two. This is a miracle! There is time though. EMTs are on alert. ER is … Continue reading

Random 5 for October 18 – inflatables, friendship, WordPress, cats, seasons


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Dirty laundry – It started early this year. People letting their dirty laundry out on the lawn. Driving past at night you will find inflatable pumpkins, witches and whatnot but during the day, it’s all dirty laundry littering the yards. … Continue reading