Random 5 for September 3 – People, ambition, comfort, birds, seasons

Stone Harbor, New Jersey from our last trip. Not ready to give up summer yet.

Just amazing – I have been mesmerized all week with the goings on in Houston. The awful storm, the heroic actions of people, the amazing rescues, the tragic losses. I have smiled and cried and prayed. Sappy holidays and tragedies unite people. I wish we could be like this every day. More kindness please. There is also massive flooding going on in Asia which hasn’t gotten the news coverage in the US. Prayers for those people too.

Not baking much these days – About a month ago I bought some ingredients to make a dessert. They are still there waiting for me. It was a very summery dessert with lemons. They are close enough to pumpkins and apples. Maybe this week!

Going back to my roots – As a youngster, I wore sneakers a lot. Then I graduated to heels and sandals and all sorts of wild and crazy shoes. As a retiree I find myself in sneakers again. I put them on for my walk in the morning and forget to change them. I forgot how comfortable they are.

Bird feeders – I keep four bird feeders up and filled. Three are filled with sunflower seeds and one is with thistle seed. The sunflower seed needs to be filled regularly. It’s cyclical. Consumption picks up after mating and again when the babies leave the nest (and come to my feeders). Then it slows down. At the height of the season I fill every day. I am slowing down to every other day. Wonder if the birds know something I don’t.

Seasonal changes – Everything seems to have changed. Traffic patterns, food flavors, clothing, sunsets. Fall came early this year. We have been struggling to hit 70 degrees this past week but (a very mild) Harvey is coming through with some warmer weather. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not ready to give up my friend summer yet.

So how was your week?

42 thoughts on “Random 5 for September 3 – People, ambition, comfort, birds, seasons

  1. Kate so much going on in the world, very sad. On another note I’m curious as to how you have bird feeders and keep the cats away from them. My cats would hunt anything that came to a bird feeder sadly. As lately I have to beautiful King Parrots that sit on my railing waiting for a feed. I don’t want to encourage them as it could be fatal for them. But there has not been much rain here this spring and these birds seem to be coming out of the forests in search of food. Enjoy Autumn it is my favourite season.

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  2. I keep waiting for summer to make a return but it hasn’t happened yet. We were in Stone Harbor back in July and were hoping to get back again but the weather or circumstances haven’t cooperated. I wasn’t planning to turn off my AC in early August and not turn it on again.
    Crazy how the sneaker thing mirrors life’s cycle.

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    • Very weird year. We turned on the heat in August (first time ever!). The temps have been running 10 degrees lower than average after one of the hottest summers on record. It’s almost like a switch was flipped. Hopefully we will get some summer weather again even if it’s just a few afternoon hours.

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  3. I have always been curious about where the birds go to eat during the winter…we don’t have snow, of course, nor does it get all that cold, so they don’t completely abandon the feeders, but they sure don’t eat like they do other times of year. Niger seed and thistle gets expensive,doesn’t it? I bake sourdough bread regularly and have to keep the starter going, so even in 106 degree weather (no exaggeration) I still baked a loaf of bread. Not a very energy efficient thing to do, I admit! I hope good baking weather is close at hand and you can enjoy! 🙂

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    • I don’t bake much these days. My husband does not have a sweet tooth and I can’t eat it all. The birds seem to eat more when they are nesting with babies. Or maybe before a migration although most of our feeder friends don’t migrate except maybe a block or two if their feeder is tastier.


  4. It feels a bit like fall this morning and this week is going to be fall-ish… I am ready! Our week was busy, hoping for a more quiet week. I can’t find a pair of tennis shoes that don’t give me a blister on one or both of my heels!

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    • I can’t wear them without some sort of sock, whether it’s a full sock or one of those short stubby things you can’t see. My feet sweat in them and stink, then they rub. Good luck on a peaceful week!


  5. When I was growing up we never called them “sneakers.” Others did, but in my circle we always called them “tennis shoes.” Which was confusing because I’m sure very few of the pairs I wore were actually made for tennis! We called them “Tennies” for short. Anyway, suffice to say eventually I transitioned to calling them sneakers. And when I dress for my current part-time job, they are the only shoe I wear! – Marty

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  6. It has been shorts with a sweatshirt, jeans with a t-shirt kind of weekend for sure.
    What is going on? I think the birds got the memo. Leaves changing already, some falling. Odd.
    As for Harvey, the silver lining is witnessing the best of humanity in the worst of times. It does exist outside of disaster areas, we just need to be more diligent in recognizing it.

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  7. I was thinking the exact same thing about Harvey. It is wonderful to see Americans pulling together to help each other, not caring about racial differences. So please tell me if we can overlook our difference in time of need, why can’t we ALL the time. Like you said, why not every day? It makes no sense. But you see it all the time. Same thing happened with 9/11. America came together! Then the world goes back normal and everyone acts crazy again! SIGH!

    I am dragging out my Fall clothes. Wasn’t prepared for it to be so chilly earlier this week. I even forgot to turn my calendar to September. Guess I am trying to hold onto summer a little longer!

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  8. We are experiencing our usual hot weather this month… and maybe a little into October. It rained a bit this morning though – some tropical storm coming up from the south. I love the combination of warmth and rain – it makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii.

    You are right, we see almost nothing about the devastating floods in Bangladesh, India and Nepal, which have killed thousands and displaced tens of millions. I wonder if we only a certain capacity for caring.

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  9. As much as I’m trying to cling to the summer feeling, the cool mid-60 temperatures we’ve had for the past week aren’t helping. I don’t think we’re going to be squeezing out any more summer days now 😦

    I used to have a couple of bird feeders, but now with Theo the Hunter, it seems irresponsible to attract the little feathered treasures, just to be stalked by a shameless predator … but I have a feeling, he would really like it 😉

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  10. The devastation caused by Harvey is heartbreaking, but watching strangers come together to help give us hope. I’m nervous about Irma. We’ve been re-juicing our three hummingbird feeders on a daily basis since August. They’re definitely tanking up for their migration. I’m going to miss them. Have a great week, Kate!

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    • We saw one hummingbird in the spring. Then I bought the feeder. I finally took it down, cleaned it out and put it away for the season. Yesterday we saw two. Fortunately they found flowers to satisfy them.


  11. It’s shocking what is happening in Houston. And elsewhere.

    (I am on my summer holiday in England – it is autumnal!! Normally we are away this week and it’s bright and lovely. Hey ho. I’m hoping for a day of warmth at least. At least I am not at work!)

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  12. I count my blessings every day that I live in a place with most of the time moderate climate. The heat wave we are going through now is ridiculous and even though we usually get an “Indian Summer” that extends from September to late October, this is hotter than that. To lose everything in a flood is so sad. I’ll bet the cats love the bird show as well. Happy Labor Day!

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  13. Bird feeders…I am always envious of your country living…the pond…gardens. I also remember that lovely gate to your property. You said it reminds you of a cemetery, reminds me of an Astor, or Vanderbilt estate.

    Sneakers…Keds. Yes, we revert back. I have them in navy and a pair in white. I feel simply girlish in them, offsetting my wrinkles pretending I’m still a babe. It’s that writer in me who can lie that way…:)

    Hurricane Harvey…sigh…I am upset over it too…the randomness of it. Confirms about living in the moment since, God only knows what’s comin round the bend.

    Always so enjoy your Random 5


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  14. When I lived up north, I hated packing away my flip flops and unpacking my parka, etc.. The seasonal changes here are far more subtle and all good ~> less humidity, cooler mornings, and lots of warm sunny afternoons.

    Enjoy your warmer temps and your sunny lemony summery dessert.

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  15. I’d usher summer to the door if I could only find the door. It’s been so hot this week, even on the coast. And now we’ve got fires, too. Here’s hoping the tropical depression from Mexico responsible for all the unusual humidity also brings us some actual rain.

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    • I am hoping that we get some summer back but “the feel” has changed. Kids in school. No beach-y vacations. Halloween in the stores. Strawberries and melons changing to pumpkin everywhere. It’s hard not to feel like fall.

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  16. I can’t imagine the hardship people are going through with these extremes of weather. I go into a sort of mini-panic when the people I know who are living in these areas, suddenly go out of contact, I worry what might have happened to them.

    Our birds are also eating less as their babies grow up and move to find their own territories. That’s good – for them, and also for us or they’d (as the saying goes) eat us out of house and home! 🙂

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