A few short thoughts for Thursday

Old carpeting going to trash

We are in the middle of a flooring project. So far there was only one medical issue that was satisfied with one Band-Aid, ok maybe two. This is a miracle! There is time though. EMTs are on alert. ER is staffed.

Older people (older is not the same as old people) should be careful when taking on projects. Especially ones that are on the floor. The only way you can get there is by bending or stooping which is not kind to backs. My back is doing well but my thighs are screaming! There are muscles there that haven’t been used since we tiled our porch floor. I remember saying back then that I would never do a floor project again.

About a third complete with raging thighs and twitchy back.

Mollie cat was displaced as her bedroom is getting re-floored. She is not happy. Her present was a nice barf on my bed while I was sleeping. Fortunately it was by the foot of the bed. Better than a dead mouse. Whadda cat!

We were away last weekend. It was summer when we left and we came back to fall. How did that happen? Even if it gets a little warmer, there are other signs. It’s getting dark earlier and the nights are very cool and Starbucks has ended S’mores Frappuccino’s. It’s just not summer anymore!

The traffic patterns have changed too. Some kids are back in school with the rest returning next week. Morning coffee runs are busier but I’m hoping that midday traffic is lighter with only those old folks on the road who can’t see over the steering wheel. (As always, old is defined as anyone 20 years older than me. It will always be like that even when I’m 90!)


46 thoughts on “A few short thoughts for Thursday

  1. Hi, Kate – I am just catching up on posts that I missed when I was traveling. I hope that your flooring project continues to go well (and accident-free). And what? No more S’mores Lattes? That’s just wrong!

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  2. Your floor is beautiful, and I’m glad to see you didn’t opt for carpeting again, given Mollie’s habits! I’m ready to say goodbye to summer, but fall is our hottest time of the year and I’m afraid we have several weeks yet before we can enjoy Starbucks fall offerings of pumpkin and gingerbread lattes. They’re already in, but when it’s 106 outside I’m not all that tempted. Soon, I hope! 🙂

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      • Whew. You know that mobile vet I used with Perry? She told me that if a cat barfs up hairballs more than a couple times a year there is something else wrong. A health issue, maybe GI. On the other hand, the old-fashioned vet who comes to the shelter to work once a week says always think it’s hairballs (basically). Maybe the truth is somewhere in between.

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        • Mollie goes in for her routine annual in November and I’ll ask about it (again). The vet thinks it’s a food allergy as she also scratches a lot. We’ve done a lot of trying this or that but she’s a very picky eater. She only eats kibble and the gravy from wet food. I have her on grain free.

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          • They thought Kana was a food allergy, too, and I really don’t think it is. But the scratching thing is probably a good indication of an allergy. Cats can have other allergies, too. When we lived in California, Pear lost the fur on one side of her body. It turned out to be environmental allergies and when we moved to Arizona they went away. For years she had allergy shots I had to give her. She’s allergic to all kinds of pollens, etc.

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            • Poor kitty! Mollie has had periods where she licks out her hair on a spot on her body. That is either allergy or stress. She’s been good about that lately although the barfing kicked up again this summer. It comes and goes. Could be stress too. Believe me that cat has nothing to get stressed about. Even the other cats don’t pester her.

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  3. You guys always make me dizzy (or is it really ashamed?) by all of your home projects. I’m still living on the long-dead embers of an under-the-counter wine rack I hung in 2010. It appears I’ll always be young by your definition. Cool! – Marty

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  4. Hubby got floored laying laminate flooring in our previous bungalow. It did not go well. Then he discovered not only were the walls untrue, but the floor uneven. He didn’t stand a chance, so it was packed up, resealed and taken back to be replaced by carpet squares!

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  5. Poor Mollie! Yay on not needing a ER run yet, but hey at least the traffic is lighter now if you do. 😉
    Be careful with you knees and back! Think you definitely need to treat yourself to more Latte’s with this project going on.
    Hmmm… old is if you are 20 years older than the other person, eh? So compared to me, you may be getting to that “older” stage, right? 🙂

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  6. The floor is looking good.
    I find myself so conflicted at this time of the year.
    I love the Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations. But, leaving behind the beautiful flowers and warm (hot) temps is almost as sad as the beauty of the coming season. Quite the conundrum!

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  7. floor projects are sneaky… specially when we are a little bit over 29… there are nerves what start suddenly to scream… I had no clue that I even have such thingies at this place.. all paws are crossed for your project ;o)

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