DIY Project in progress – send help

Mollie’s cranky face

The beloved husband and I do DIY (do it yourself) projects occasionally. Currently we are replacing bedroom carpeting that has been (lovingly) barfed on (multiple times, always at a new spot) by the cats (mostly Mollie, barfer extraordinaire!).

Over the weekend we saw a comedy routine that included a bit about Band-Aids. The comic said that a box of Band-Aids should last a life time.

I thought I was going to die laughing. When I was single, that was true. The adhesive expired before they got used. They discolored and curled up. The protective paper peeled off. My antibiotics were always out of date (by a decade).

Enter the beloved husband. Now we go to the big box stores and buy Band-Aids by the pallet. That’s about a month’s supply. It’s delivered by an 18 wheeler.

I’m not saying he’s accident prone but things happen. Blood spurts. Sometimes it takes multiple Band-Aids. Sometimes the Band-Aid ends up in places it shouldn’t. You wouldn’t want him to toss your salad or put his hand in your chip bag. Just saying.

Today we were about 15 minutes into the project when he went to bathroom with blood running down his arm. This is not a good start but we’ve had worse. Nothing was broken, no stitches. Just an annoying boo-boo to protect through the rest of the project.

Project is still on track. Cats (especially Mollie) have been displaced. They liked this particular bedroom. Then again they like all the bedrooms. It’s something about comfy beds to lie on. Give a cat privacy and sunshine (and some food) and they are happy.

I’ll keep you posted. If you hear ambulance sirens, say a prayer for us.

43 thoughts on “DIY Project in progress – send help

  1. Love this. There are two major mysteries to home life. The first is: where do socks go? (I have a basket full of single socks whose partners have simply gone missing over the years). The second one is: where do Band-Aids go? I buy them often. I use them . . . almost never. But when I need one, there are none to be found.

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  2. “Now we go to the big box stores and buy Band-Aids by the pallet. That’s about a month’s supply. It’s delivered by an 18 wheeler.” Thanks for my laugh of the day! I know I probably shouldn’t but …. 😀

    For some reason this story reminded me of my dad. Band Aids never had a long life span in our home – 5 active kids combined with a father who was a butcher. I was reminded of a small piece of trivial I learned from my dad. In the food business, they used (or should have used) blue band aids because blue isn’t a naturally occurring colour in food. If a band aid came off, it was supposed to be easy to find … preferably before a customer.

    Of course, that was a lifetime ago and now all food preparers wear gloves.

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  3. I hope Mollie approves of the new carpeting and chooses somewhere else to barf! No new initiations. So you’re the person who buys bandaids in bulk at Costco! I always wondered who needed that many. 🙂

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  4. We go through our fair share of Band-Aids. You made me think of a metal box for Band-Aids that I used to put tiny treasures in when I was a kid. I believe that cats make sure to run to a carpet for barfing because carpet provides great traction and staying power for the back feet as the cat progresses through the whole barfing process. We have hardwoods all through our house and the Z Cat went out of her way to make it to any tiny door mat/carpet to hack up a meal or hairball. Stay safe with your DIY project!

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  5. Yay! I have a beloved husband too! and, ’til recently, a barfing cat. Husband eschews plasters or band aids and usually goes straight for the bandages. He’s really good at cleaning up the stuff the cat used to leave behind tho. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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  6. It must be a man thing Kate. H seems to use bandaids much more than I do. And don’t leave a tube of antibiotic ointment in his site. He will find something to use it on. Hope the cats don’t get too restless while you finish your project. ~Elle

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    • Cats are crazy. Gracie thinks an empty room with construction stuff is fun. Mollie (whose bedroom it was) walks in sadly looking for her stuff. She has temporarily relocated to our bedroom but she stares us down with sad looks.

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  7. Come to think about it, that’s true about bandaids and me, too (I.e. hardly used one when I was single…now buy them by the carton)! I am impressed by your DIY projects. Good luck with your current one!

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  8. I have the same metal Band-Aid container probably from the eighties. I am not sure why, but me thinks it must have some weird attachment from that period. Whatever it is has long left my memory banks, but nonetheless its still in my medicine cabinet four states and two marriages later. The actual Band-Aids themselves, though? I run through them like you do! – Marty

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  9. Hubby and shelves do not mix. After decorating, it was the last screw of the last shelf that went through the water pipe. On another DIY trip, he threw himself out of the attic resulting in a cut down to the bone and A&E rather than put a shelf up for me in the bathroom. Said shelf stayed in the box and ended up sold at a car boot sale for three quid.
    DIY on the boat was another A&E job when he misjudged the hatch and put a new dent in it and even bigger one in him.
    Men, but we love ’em. Hope yours is OK and the new carpets barf free. 🙂

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