Random 5 for August 27 – Jogging, piercings, graffiti, notes, time off

Synchronized gazing by Hazel and Morgan

How do they do that? – With my daily walks, I’ve seen new things. There were three soccer moms that passed me. They were moving at a fast jogging pace, synchronized. Everyone had on a cute high-end exercise outfits. Long dark hair was in ponytails. One wore a baseball cap (matching of course). The intriguing part was that they were in a deep conversation while almost running without being out of breath or missing a step. I have trouble chewing gum and walking. Very synchronized. Reminded me of my synchronized cats.

What was that? – I had an interaction with a staff person at a retail store. She was very young and attractive in a no-makeup sort of way. I couldn’t figure out why her dimples were…umm…odd. I tried not to stare (no luck with that!). Eventually I realized they weren’t dimples but studs piercing her cheeks at the spot where dimples would be. I have never seen that before. I’m not a fan of face piercing myself but it didn’t look bad.

Seriously offended – We have a very nice Starbucks close by. It’s nice, clean and of course carries my favorite coffee! Earlier in the week as I went to the drive-through for my cuppa Joe, I saw a piece of cardboard taped to the outside wall. I could see the edges of graffiti sticking out. It was gone the next day. I was offended that some punk would spray paint MY Starbucks (or any place for that matter). It wasn’t art. I hope they had surveillance cameras.

Notes, notes, notes – A few years back I started taking notes when we took trips or visited people. My aging memory couldn’t be counted on to remember stuff – important stuff like what people liked or more importantly what they didn’t like. We saw some friends this past week at their country retreat (isn’t that a great phrase?). It’s in a wooded area, two hours north of us that has cooler weather by at least 10 degrees. My notes from previous years stress taking fleece throws, wearing socks, ditching sandals and such. There were a few notes on foods but most of it was about my comfort. Last year we visited over the 4th of July weekend and we had the fireplace going almost the entire time.

Home sweet home — We weren’t gone long but the cats were glad to see us. We did take some flak about not being available. Obviously they don’t think the staff should get any time off!

So how was your week?

The beloved husband captured this shot early in the morning.



54 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 27 – Jogging, piercings, graffiti, notes, time off

  1. I love the photo of the synchronized cats. Something clearly had their attention 😀

    I thought I’d seen (or heard) of just about everything in the world of piercings, but it appears I haven’t! Artificial dimples. That would be pretty hard to ignore 🙂

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  2. Nothing ruffles my feathers faster than taking a nature walk among majestic pines along side a bubbling brook in the cool of the morning, and spying “Adam loves Amanda” or “Steve is a #*&%#” spray painted in red, white, and florescent green on the rocks beside the water. Why is it that when given a spray can of paint, some people cannot resist disfiguring Mother Nature?

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  3. Your garden is beautiful, lush and GREEN! I don’t think we have that color over here. 🙂 Don’t you think if we bought cuter workout clothes we would boost our perkiness? I think it’s the clothing. Not our age! I’m sticking with that story. 🙂

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  4. Loved the synchronized gazing picture. I can almost see their heads swivel (in sync, of course) as whatever interloper who had their attention moved across their viewing screen.

    My husband and I often write notes during and after trips so we can remember what worked and what didn’t. What often doesn’t work is trying to find those notes when we need to look at them a year or so later.

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    • I’d be lost without them. I have them both in my computer and a written version in a paper file. I keep notes on entertaining too (not that I do that much anymore). I never remember how much food I need or who likes what.

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  5. People who can jog and carry on a conversation as if they relaxing in a chair next to you can be annoying. Really annoying. But they are in great cardio shape.
    Piercing in the cheeks…can’t say I’ve ever seen that either.
    Fireplace in July just seems wrong…like the universe is somehow out of whack. My body would need to be recalibrated.

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  6. Loved the post, you have a way with your words that keep me smiling while reading. I dislike people that mark buildings or property. I wish the tattoo craze would end. It seems to be losing steam. The armed services and some police forces have ceased hiring those with total tattooed arms. A small discrete tattoo on a woman is okay, but larger ones, or more than one, is like sticking a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

    I don’t think I will ever get used to face piercings, they just look un-natural.

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    • When I worked we hired a woman with a rather large but lovely rose tattooed on her chest high enough to stick out of blouses. Fast forward ten years and three kids, not so lovely any more. The stretched skin distorted the pattern.


  7. Love the cats gazing…I see those stylized women every morning, like an ongoing commercial. I look like one of the boat people in comparison, my strategy being, no one will bother me if I look homeless.

    As for piercings, a mystery to me too.

    Tell the cats to watch Downton Abbey. Even Mrs. whats her name, who ran the show, had a day off.

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  8. Your garden is lovely. Never did get into running but I can walk and chew gum. I don’t get the face piercings either. Just why? Too bad about the graffiti. Ally Bean at the Spectacled Bean had a good post about people who were changing nazi signs into cute animals as a way of combating graffiti. Happy Sunday.

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  9. Good Morning! I too have been out of town (often) in the past two weeks. I think my cats actually missed me. They were well taken care of by their Dad, but the affection and cuddling since I’ve been home has been just wonderful.

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    • Yes, I’ve had the tribe around me most of the afternoon. The sitter never saw Gracie who is so friendly. I was surprised. I think Hazel ate her food too. Bad kitty. Back to the diet tomorrow!


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