Sassy cats — Mouse-ka-teer edition

Another invasion this week. Morgan was on it. She spent the better part of two days in the basement, coming up only to eat.

The beloved husband saw the mouse this time. I wasn’t worried. Mice don’t last in a house with four cats. Give it time.

He is not excited about having mice in the house so he bought a mouse trap. He bought a humane trap and release version that made his wife very happy. I didn’t have to worry that a cat would get a paw caught or snapped.

Evening one — set up trap in basement where he saw the mouse. We checked hourly. No mouse. The next morning there was a dead mouse in the dining room. Someone had (proudly) brought it up for inspection. Whaddacat!

Still couldn’t get Morgan out of the basement. I went down later in the afternoon to find Morgan and Hazel playing tag team with a mouse. Gracie was excited. I could hear her yell, “Let me play, let me play!”

I got my trusty rehoming kit, caught the mouse and took him outside (far outside) to a happy place that wasn’t my basement.

Morgan is still down there. Not sure if there are more. So far this summer, Morgan got five (mousetrap – 0). She killed two and I was able to re-home three. In fourteen years, this is the first year we’ve had any mice in the basement. Weird.

Update on Hazel’s diet — lost 3 ounces! Yay!

I was amazing. It was like a soccer game. I scooched to the left, then to the right, took the mouse right down center field. Then the peep came in and took our ball. I deserve a treat.

74 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Mouse-ka-teer edition

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  2. My first thought was that your cats were bringing these mice inside and then losing interest and letting them go (this is the case in our house) – but you wrote above that your cats don’t go outside . . . so I am at a loss to explain.

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  4. Our cat, Licorice, lived for 23 years, and he was still bringing us “gifts” until the end. Once he found a baby opossum nest and proudly brought his kill to me. I almost left home! I am so incredibly squeamish when it comes to rodents that at times I had to call a friend to help me if Jay wasn’t at home. And rodents didn’t have a chance when Licorice was on the prowl! I wonder if your cats are so well fed that they’re letting an occasional “meal” go by!

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  5. Yay, Hazel! Keep going, girlfriend! Mice are so cute. Sigh. Interesting that your cats have the run of the basement. We don’t have a basement and haven’t had one for years, but when we did we always kept the door to the basement shut. But then I didn’t have mice and I didn’t have cats at that time. Perry walked around the house today, by the way (3 of the cats were shut in the bedrooms). After about 45 minutes he was a little frazzled and went in his own room.

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  6. Congratulations to Morgan on her amazing mousing skills. I now know who to call if we ever have a mouse in our basement. There is NO WAY that I would ever go down there and deal with it myself.
    And congratulations to Hazel on her successful dieting.

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  7. Ha. Mouse trap – 0. When we lived in Florida, we had mice in the attack and one cat named Sneakers. Sneakers didn’t go in the attack, but she was an indoor (nighttime) and outdoor (daytime) cat. She must’ve found their in-and-out exit to the attack, because they were only around for a couple of months and then disappeared. We never set a trap.

    Have a pleasant weekend, Kate.

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  8. Ah, the humane mouse traps. A friend baited hers with chocolate digestives as suggested, and sure enough the trap had sprung by the following morning. She carefully took it down the road to release the trapped creature into the field. The biscuit crumbs were not impressed and mousey was probably laughing his socks off in her kitchen.

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