Gone fishing –

They are each deciding who has gas.

It’s been a delightful week but inspiration has taken a vacation.

It’s just around the corner (waiting for a stupid person to do something bloggable). I occasionally see it sneaking in the pond for a dip. Or dancing in the flowers. However, it refuses to spend any time with me (and my spanking new computer).

In the meantime I will share a shot I got this week. My cats are not the kind that sleep together. They have their own favorite spots but I captured this one. Perhaps that shelf is loved by both Gracie and Hazel but I’ve never seen them share it before.

41 thoughts on “Gone fishing –

  1. Gracie and Hazel do not look happy to share.

    Inspiration on vacation, waiting for a stupid person to do something bloggable. Even on a short-short post, your inimitable turn of phrase is a delight.

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  2. Totally get that. I need prompts sometimes. Getting some kind of schedule or writing more than one post at a time when the inspiration does hit and holding them in the draft folder for days like today has been a goal of mine lately. Sometimes I get two or three good ideas at once and if I don’t write them down they are lost!

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    • Oh yes, I have to write detailed notes exactly when I think of something or it’s gone never to be remembered again. About a week or two ago, I had a marathon writing session. I like that because if I have a few days to review, I can greatly improve the post.

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  3. I know what you mean about inspiration. I haven’t been inspired to write lately either. Maybe something is in the air. I think it (inspiration) ebbs and flows. I’m sure your blogging muse will return soon enough (and now only if I listen to my own advice).

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