Computers Part Deux or Trois or I’m a Princess

This is the last post on computers. I promise. Maybe. Then again…

If you followed this saga, you remember that I decided to get a small portable computer so I wouldn’t be stuck inside on lovely days. I did a lot of research and bought one.

That computer was too big (heavier than a cat who weighed more or a sack of potatoes the weighed more).

Exchanged it for another. That one was too small or maybe just too different.

Yes, I’m on my third. (Sounds like the three bears, doesn’t it?)

First, I’m a princess. I like what I like. I want what I want. I love my touch screen and Windows. I wanted smallish and lightweight. All the research in the world doesn’t narrow the selection down like actual experience. I wished I could have worked on one before buying but the challenge wouldn’t have been as exciting or resulted in two blog posts.

Last Friday I took back my very economic and practical Chromebook. It’s a great computer. Google has tons of on-line storage for slides, photos, docs, etc. It’s just different. I recommend it if you are not a princess.

My version had no touchscreen although some do. Honestly, it was all I really needed (if I wasn’t a princess).

The beloved husband and I have a way of justifying purchases. The key phrase is “we live a simple life style and don’t spend a lot of money. We should do what we want.” This reasoning works for large purchases that aren’t necessary. We use it to adopt cats too but that’s another story.

Computer models have names like Envy and Omen. I bought a Yoga. It does contortions so you can change it into a tablet or pad. I don’t need any of that. Like cars, I had to buy stuff I don’t need to get stuff I want.

I am happy! I am writing this post in my screened porch. The birds are chirping and frogs croaking. I just might keep this one.

I paid more than I needed to and have features I’ll never use. There are many things I don’t understand BUT I can do what I want to do quickly and easily.

A happy shout out to Best Buy. Yes, it’s a big box store but locally it had a great selection. They were patient with me as I bought and returned two computers. No restocking fee. No hassle. Easy peasy. The first two staff guys weren’t of great help because I didn’t know what I wanted and neither did they. They guided me to what I said I wanted. The third guy was phenomenal.

He patiently listened to me. (I again came in with a preconceived notion of what I wanted based on my research.) While not discouraging me, he explained a few things I didn’t know. He’s not paid by commission so he didn’t care how much I spent. (His goal was to have this weird lady stop returning computers!)

He also figured out how I could get the best price. The specific model was on sale and they have a great student discount now and we have students in the family. Score!

Ok, I’ve only had this for three days but so far so good. Nothing has ended up in the pond. All good.

Black string is her feather toy which she keeps close.

Perhaps the best thing (from Gracie’s perspective) to come out of this was the shipping box the first computer came  in. She won’t let me recycle it. I often hear it scooting around during the day. My cats prefer toys I don’t pay for.


54 thoughts on “Computers Part Deux or Trois or I’m a Princess

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  2. One of the great things about cats is that they like toys we don’t pay for! This whole computer saga gives me anxiety, I must confess. Because making mistakes on stuff like this or worrying that I will is stressful! I love my Dell laptop, but it’s almost as big as a desktop haha. Then my daughter gave me her “old” laptop which is much smaller for Perry’s room and I love that, too. I don’t even know what kind it is, but I know that her Windows is newer than mine, although her computer was “old” and mine is still mine, if you know what I mean. ANyway, I wanted to tell you I found a mobile vet who is very reasonable who came and checked over Perry and cut his nails (yay, so much better). I made him too fat!!!! He was 9 pounds when I found him and he’s 12.25 now!!! No excuse for that because he’s alone in his bedroom with no other cats (although both Sloopy Anne and Pear have visited him in the past 12 hours).

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    • Gracie has filled out too. I haven’t weighed her lately but I can tell that she’s solid when I pick her up. She used to be like a feather. She gets a lot of exercise so she’s not flabby like Hazel. She’s not yet fat and hopefully that won’t happen.

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      • I hope you can keep that from happening. Perry is on a diet and gave me some mournful crying this morning. Kana is also fat, but she has IBS or something like that and the vet told me that those cats pull fat from their food more than good nutrition. It’s a problem to know what to do for her.

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  3. I actually admire you for hanging in there to get what sounds like it will meet your needs! I have a tendency to back off and adjust my expectations. LOL! I think when we are spending “that kind” of money we should be happy with the end result! Your search is a good public service announcement. Let us know how it continues to perform for you!

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    • There are some times that I do “adjust my expectations.” Jeans that didn’t fit just right and I rarely wore. Makeup that makes me look like a clown (but looked perfect on someone else). Sometimes I buy something (and this is true of a lot of electronics) thinking it will do something and it doesn’t. I’m disappointed but adjust. I was like a dog with a bone on this one!

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  4. Congrats on the new computer! I had to look up a Yoga because I try hard not to keep abreast of anything in technology because I know it’ll be gone by the time I might be interested in it. But it looks really cool and lightweight. And because I’ve been AWOL all summer, I clicked on your link for the previous post so I could follow the journey (that statistic click is ME!). Light is good. I’ve decided I’m never going back to a desktop. – Marty

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    • I know! We don’t golf or take expensive vacations but we like our toys. I bought a phone yesterday. I was resolved to get a flip phone because that’s all I need. But when I was looking I got all princess-y and ended up with a very simple (low cost) smart phone. Now Starbucks can continue to send me little messages.


  5. I detected strains of satisfaction in your new song. I hope you weren’t straining to sound happy with the latest computer. Lots of us are eager to benefit from your use of it. Changing the subject, I must be a cat person at heart. I save boxes, even through there are no pets to play in them.

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  6. Glad you’ve found one that is (or might be) okay. Is that a Lenovo? I’d thought of getting one before I bought my tablet-from-hell and now wish I had. But now I’m using a new desktop and have nearly got used to it.

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  7. Glad you got something you can live with! My son used to work at Best Buy and I would like to think he was as helpful as your #3 salesperson. He would often times tell us of his customer service experiences 🙂

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  8. I hope this is the one! Myself, I get hand-me-downs from my son and DIL so I can’t complain. (Well, I do some anyways because I hate learning the new technology changes when I have just mostly figured out the old ones). Like you, I learn just enough to manage to do what little I need to do with the least amount of grief. Glad you are typing outside. 🙂

    Cats and boxes. Yup.

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    • I hear you. I would have been happy if someone would give me what I need but then again, I really did learn a lot to get me up to speed (that will last maybe 3 months and my thinking will be all outdated again).


  9. at least you have a super box for the purr-kids , that’s worth a lot. I needed a lifetime to find the laptop what fits best, I finally got the acer aspire v17 nitro. (big screen but lightweight, touchscreen&windows…con: the mouse pad is pure hell)

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