Highlights on 2017 or what the hell happened?

So what happened during those fleeting seconds that calls itself 2017? Lots!

The political atmosphere me watching more puppy videos. It’s cheaper than therapy and less dangerous than drugs and alcohol. Keep those videos coming! (There aren’t as many cat videos!)

Somehow we got another cat. Number 4. I have no idea how that happened but am pleased to say it was the beloved husband’s idea. (This was the result of many years of brainwashing!) Gracie is another one-eyed cat that would find it harder to get adopted.

I expected gratefulness on her part. (No, I’m not generally delusional.) She came in, took over and forced our pocketbook to fly open for lots of vet bills. Bless her.

She’s a small cat so we thought she was young (like a year old). Along comes Christmas and she has no interest in the tree. That puts her over 2. She’s also had extensive dental work. That puts her closer to 6. It’s not important. What is important is that she gets along with the other three. Cat turmoil is not one of my favorite things.

I have a deaf side! I went to a new ear doc. (Us old-timers have special docs for each body part.) Primary docs act as a traffic cop pointing us (and our pocketbooks) elsewhere.

Back to my deaf side. My right ear is compensating (somewhat) for my left ear. As long as that happens I can hold off on aids. There is good news here. I now know to keep the boring people (and political hacks) on the left. All I do is bob my head. No need to listen to their swill.

We had mousegeddon this year. If it wasn’t for Morgan (our mouser cat) we may not know it yet. It took a while to find the solution. Morgan was then furloughed. She no longer sleeps on the basement steps waiting to pounce. She was talking about unionizing for better wages so we resorted to mechanical solutions.

My mouse rehoming skills improved. I could corner and catch at mouse in less than two minutes. Then I put them in our neighbor’s yard (just kidding…maybe).

The entire summer was spent on a computer purchase. There were three purchases with two returns before I settled on something. I know more than I want to about buying computers.

Speaking of computers, Morgan learned how to turn Cortana on. They have conversations without me. It’s scary. I hope you can’t buy anything through her. There is that Nigerian prince trying to get a friend to send money.

I parted with the last piece of my Mom’s furniture. So sad. I still long to stick my nose in a drawer and smell the scent of her old perfume.

My gym membership changed. I went from an all women gym to a co-ed gym and was pleasantly surprised to find it both interesting and entertaining (with inspiration for blog posts). Men are weirder at a gym than woman. Way weirder.

Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018.



58 thoughts on “Highlights on 2017 or what the hell happened?

  1. My sisters got nearly all of my mother’s things (the thinking was I should have more of my dad’s, which really made no sense to me). But I got her set of dish towels, and the last one is on its last strands. It’ll have to be tossed soon. So I understand how you feel. Happy New Year, Kate! – Marty

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    • My dad died in 1958. I had one of his flannel shirts until about 2 years ago. I wore it mostly for yard work and was sorry to see it go. My brothers got most of his tools but I got his channel wrenches. So handy and still in good condition!

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    • Gracie has grown since she’s been here but she seems to have topped out at 8 lbs. That’s a pound more than Mollie our smallest and oldest. At the beginning she didn’t nap after every meal like the others but now she will nap after breakfast but not dinner. She prefers to pester then. I’m thinking she’s still on the younger side and maybe was born with bad teeth or had bad nutrition when young.

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  2. It was nice to read your recap and to realize that I remembered each event. It’s interesting how quickly a year goes by and most are made up of such small, yet consuming events! If I were to list the “major happenings” of 2017 I’d have to say that for the most part it was an uneventful year. Yet somehow we fill every minute. I hope that 2018 is a peaceful and happy year for you and your “beloved husband” and that all of your precious cats have good health–let’s hope they’re easy on the pocket book this year. 🙂

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  3. Nice recap of the year – thanks for sharing. You always take everything in stride and see the humorous side of life. Love that you have brainwashed your husband into wanting another cat. I am for more cat videos instead of more tweets. Glad you don’t need hearing aids for now. All the best to you, your husband and feline babies in 2018!

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  4. The biggest news was the new kitty who took over. I wonder if 2018 will bring #5! I love your gym news too and you are right. Men are much weirder in a gym setting than us girls. I will be following your hearing too. Bill refuses to admit such things but I know I am shouting lately and interpreting conversations with friends.

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  5. Aren’t men more weird all around? 🙂 We’re so normal, aren’t we? 🙂 2017 was a year of memorable firsts as well as some sad ones. I really am looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings. Perhaps cat number five for you? 🙂 Have a great new year, Kate!

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  6. We had mice a couple of years ago, successfully got rid of them. Brave little critters because we have FIVE cats. Smart little critters, too, because they stay in the attic where the cats can’t reach them! Hopefully none will venture this way again.

    Have a blessed and fun 2018!

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  7. Yes, broke my heart they starved to death in the cold and dark. But I could not have fed them even if I wanted to. I will shoot you an email later… thanks. I am wondering if those electronic gizmos will mess with out security system… which did nothing to keep the mousies from breaking in!

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    • I have a great story about a grocery list. I was married to former husband and attending a business function that was snooze city. We could have sat with some people we know for dinner but ex insisted on a certain table which was coma city. Deep coma! I retreated into my head and thought of some things I wanted to pick up when we got home (we were in another state). I got out a pen and paper and wrote them down (yes at the dinner table). The host asked what I was writing. Instead of being smart and saying the next great novel I said, “my grocery list.” He said, “well at least you’re not washing your hair!”


  8. Here’s a story for you Kate. We have had a stink, dead stink, in a wall in our finished basement since late August. It was pretty much gone and then I heard a little body of some kind chewing in the same location. I hoped for a mouse cause I sure didn’t want it to be any bigger. That was it for me so I called Peter, the miracle worker when it comes to critter control. He came out last Tuesday and did his outside perimeter control and then got to business downstairs. He and CH took off the hickory wainscoting and guess what was there? MICE! Not one mousie but FIVE mousies all DEAD… stacked on top of each other. Ewwwwww! Turns out they were coming through a small hole in a small crawl space we have, then once in they were falling down a very small hole to a place between two 2by4s with no way to crawl back out. I need whatever you are using to keep those mousies out and I am not talking about Morgan… I’d worry about her flying! We do not use any kind of poison control.
    Sadly my computer is dying… I am not prepared for that. This comment got really long… if you would like just act like I am on your left!

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    • You are always on my right! Despite doing more chalking we couldn’t find the point of entry. We ended up with the electronic gizmos that make high frequency sounds to keep them out. We have in two in our garage, two in our basement and one in the grill (one of their favorite nesting places!). We had one mouse after we put it in the basement but that mouse may have been there. Morgan is our Peter or at least she is the one that lets us know they are in. I kind of feel sorry for the mice. Can you imagine starving to death in the dark? If you want the brand of the ones we use, let me know. Even our cats can’t hear the noise and they can hear visitors coming a mile away.

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  9. Haha, without the cat and mouse episode I would have gone to the deep end. Bless them, bless them! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Kate. Did I hear you say men are wider? My right is going deaf. So please speak to my left side.

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