Sassy cats – Morgan the Mouser

Morgan: Here mousey, here mousey.

Cats are like kids. When it’s quiet they are up to something. Or sleeping.

I count noses every night before we go to bed. I want to be sure all the cats are in the house. No one is allowed in the screened porch overnight. Or locked in a closet!

Sometimes it’s easy peasy as they are all watching TV with us. Sometimes we have to search high and low. We had one of those “high and low” experiences last week.

Every cat has their “usual” spots. Morgan was in none of hers. Earlier the beloved husband had spotted her lying in the cat litter room in the basement. It made no sense to me. The room is the size of a walk-in closet with storage. If she wants the coolness of the basement, she usually sleeps on a chair in the finished room.

I went to check on her when I noticed something dark and small. I thought someone had taken a toy mice downstairs. That’s not unusual. What was unusual was that this mouse ran around. By itself. Without a battery. Morgan had found a friend in the house.

Morgan: She took my mouse! That mouse was my friend!

Argh. I had to catch the mouse and get it outside before any cat caught it. Did I mention it was 11 p.m.? And I was tired?

The mouse did not have teeth marks or injuries but it must have been shell-shocked as it moved slowly (or maybe just old, I don’t move fast myself). It took about 10 minutes but I secured it in a bucket and relocated it into the back yard. (I considered the neighbor’s back yard but I didn’t think that was neighborly. Besides I had slippers on and the grass was wet.)

In the back of our yard there is a water retention area that doesn’t get water with a lot of wildlife. Maybe he had dinner with relatives. Or was dinner for non-relatives.

Morgan: Call me if you need help. It’s 1-800-catchamousie. I’ll rest up until my next gig.

I haven’t had a mouse in decades because mice don’t like live-in cats. Cats LOVE indoor mice because they are so fun to play with. It’s all fun and games until the thing goes splat and I have to clean it up!

Morgan was rewarded for her efforts although she should have alerted us. The amazing thing is that the other three cats were oblivious. Perhaps they need to get retrained on their mice-catching duties!

66 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Morgan the Mouser

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  4. I cannot handle being anywhere near a mouse, so I had trouble even reading this! LOL! Our cat was allowed outdoors and was always bringing me “gifts,” no matter how often I told her “No thank you!” From what I’m reading, Kate, you and your beloved husband have a lot of distractions and events that either lead up to bedtime or wake you in the night! No wonder you need your Starbucks!

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  5. Good Morning, Kate! Back from a few days vacation… don’t think I am going to get all caught up! Morgan must have been a happily entertained cat for a bit. I have a had a lot of cats during my lifetime and not one of them knew what to do with a mouse. Two of our cats did love lizards and toyed with them and then bit their tiny heads off… 😀 I know you have probably heard of B. Kliban and his cartoon cats… “Love to eat those mousies, Mousies what I love to eat. Bite they little heads off… Nibble on they tiny feet.” I wore a tee with that on it until the tee just became no longer fit to wear.

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  6. Oh geez, a mouse in the house? I would’ve called for the hubby to deal with it! And speaking of usual spots…with our new foster in the house, I haven’t figured out where is spot is yet. But he keeps disappearing! I’ve searched all over several times and haven’t been able to locate him. He’s not hiding – because half the time, he’s just lounging next to me grooming, so I know he’s not scared. He just likes small, cozy places apparently. He always comes out when it’s time to eat, though. Imagine that. 🙂

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  7. No mice foolish enough to be lured inside so far, but I’m keeping Morgan’s number on speed dial just in case with the heat and all the rain. RC can’t be bothered with even the occasional roach – she’s got Molly trained to flip them and notify. …RC may ask Morgan to do video tutorials for indoor mouse Olympics (Impressed to managed to snatch it up and get it out!)

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  8. I haven’t seen mice around here, but our neighborhood seems to have had a rabbit population explosion recently. Fortunately, we’ve also had an uptick of coyote sittings (and, people keeping their small animals inside). Nice of you to relocate Morgan’s mousie outside.

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  9. We’ve had a few mice adventures too..not many, thankfully. When all the cats are gathered around the fridge, something is up. And then there was the very dead and shredded mouse in the bathtub one morning. Not my favorite.

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  10. Cat brought in a lizard two days ago, because those are also so fun to play with in the house. It somehow managed to get between the kitchen counter and the kitchen wall. Now I have to wait for it to emerge — hopefully on a wall or ceiling where I can get it and not dog or cat.

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    • I had some of that too. I was surprised I was able to catch it but it was slow. It may have been batted around a bit or just terrified. It moved freely under the door and between cabinets but I got a bucket over it and slid something underneath. I wasn’t sure I would be able to catch it and I know Morgan wouldn’t give up.

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  11. Hate mice but fortunately we live in the feral cat motel and there are usually several of them roaming our neighborhood and backyard so I never see mice. Occasionally my husband will tell me of one in the garage but then he’ll also tell me of a “gift” one of the cats left for him. Glad he just tells me, not shows me!

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