Random 5 for June 25 – Anniversaries, changes, fireworks, crazy people, hydrangeas

Happy anniversary to the beloved husband! — I did it again! Yesterday was my 10th wedding anniversary and I forgot. The beloved husband didn’t. Instead of a serenade I was awakened at 2:15 a.m. by the damn smoke alarms but that’s another post. There was a day when I remembered all dates – old boyfriend’s birthdays, magical days from my youth (like the day of the week the ice cream man carried watermelon twinsicles) and major events (like the last day of school). These days I don’t remember much of anything.

A change – Several weeks back I posted a picture of a flower tent that was set up to sell for Easter, Mother’s Day, then bedding plants and pots. This weekend all the flowers are gone replace by fireworks.

Speaking of which – Not a fan of fireworks. The kind people buy are just noise. It’s hard on animals, especially dogs. An unannounced round of fireworks last year terrified a local pet who jumped the fence in fear and was killed by a car. His owners would have kept him inside if they knew fireworks were happening. He was an old and cherished dog. Poor pup.

Then there are crazy people – A good friend of mine lives in a small town where the houses are close together. The next door neighbor has a canon. Yep, the loud ones. He sets it off around all holidays (and some days that aren’t) until the police come because of the complaints. Some people are just crazy.

More hydrangeas! – I’m over the moon with the blooms this year so I’m sharing more pictures.

Annabel hydrangea

Nikko Blue hydrangea

So how was your week?

51 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 25 – Anniversaries, changes, fireworks, crazy people, hydrangeas

  1. I love the mixed shades of your hydrangeas. You have an enormous display of them. I can appreciate the big city displays of fireworks, but in general, I think fireworks appeal to men more than to women.

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  2. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous, Kate! I do miss mine a bit! I took two good-sized ones out last year simply to put them out of their drought-induced misery! Who could have known we would have a torrent of rain this year! And fireworks. I simply hate them. They make our dog so anxious that I have to medicate her. And so far they are all just off in the distance. We never leave her alone in the evening for about two weeks prior to the 4th and at least two weeks after. 😦

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  3. Happy Anniversary, Kate… a bit late! I like your idea of day to day kindness.
    Your hydrangeas behaved beautifully for your anniversary.
    Truly hate fireworks. Had to worry about horses, cats, and dogs every 4th. Horses… never know whether to put them in the barn or leave them out. I wish they would just ban the sale of fireworks.

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  4. I loved your hydrangeas. I have a real/fake one at the corner of the house. People tell me the leaves are hydrangeas, but we have yet to see a single bloom. One of these days someone will tell me what I should do to make it bloom. I’ll follow instructions, wait, and nothing will happen. I’m grateful for all our plants that do bloom with this ignorant gardener in charge.

    We forgot our anniversary together one year. For some reason, we celebrated it early and didn’t notice when the real date came and went. Aren’t we coming to the age where remembering you forgot should be applauded?

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    • Just a couple things, most bloom on old wood so if you trim it you trim off the buds. If you get a cold winter and the stems die back to the ground — no blooms. They need some sun to bloom. Ok, I’m out of advice. Good luck with it.


  5. Happy Anniversary! We are the only city for miles around that allows the “safe and sane” fireworks that we can use in front of our house. Nothing like the big rockets that go up in the air (although of course we have those “bad people” who don’t follow the rules). Every year there is a big debate about whether we should continue to sell the fireworks because the neighboring towns say that our fireworks cause fires in their cities. However, the sale of the fireworks is a HUGE fundraiser for our local schools and recreational sports departments so we keep winning the fight to be able to sell them. We make sure the cat is inside that night.

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  6. Happy 10th Anniversary, Kate! You should do something wild and crazy to celebrate your first decade together ~>~>~> Pizza + Margaratas = YAY!!!

    I love professional grade fireworks with gorgeous displays across the night sky . . . not stupid *BANG* *BANG* fireworks that folks buy for home use.

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  7. The flowers are beautiful. I hate fireworks, it used to be fun when we let the kids shoot the small bottle rockets in the country. Now they use the mortars and cannon type to get more bang and altitude. My dog goes nuts when they fire them.

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  8. The hydrangeas in the lower photo are wonderful! I never used to be a fan of these flowers til recently, now I look out for when ours flower (we’ve only one hydrangea plant). I’m with you on fireworks – hate the sound of them and they are terrible for animals. My husband’s the one who remembers anniversaries, too…

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  9. Happy Anniversary! Your blooms are beautiful. I’m not a big fireworks fan either but H loves to go to the displays on the 4th. This year we’ll be at my sisters and they always do it up big for the kids. I’ll just wear my earplugs…~Elle

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  10. Beautiful hydrangeas! My favorite died this year. No idea why. For once we had plenty of water.

    I hate fireworks. They’re just noise unless it’s a professional display. But at least no one in your area has to be reminded not to shoot off guns to celebrate the holiday?

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