Short thoughts for a long Thursday

Everyone has been whining about the weather this year. It’s been wonky. Warm when it should have been cold. Cold when it wasn’t predicted. Snow late in the season. It’s like a big Rubik’s cube that got all turned around. There is a silver lining. My hydrangeas are gorgeous this year. After three years of no blooms (when I threatened to rip them out), I have been rewarded with magnificent blooming shrubs. Yay, one for me!

It’s been a medical week for me. I’m still recovering from my back boo boo. Yesterday I had a simple 15 minute procedure that was uncomfortable. I had enough anxiety to trigger my IBS. Between the IBS issues and the anxiety, my back didn’t hurt at all. I wondered if it had run its course. Sadly not, after everything was done, I had my old back ache again. Boogers.

After the procedure the doc said to use an antibiotic ointment at night and the following morning. I went home and every damn one of our tubes of bacitracin and all its brothers were out of date. Used it anyway. I found one that expired this year. Close enough!

Happy summer to all in the northern hemisphere! Here was one of my favorite summer songs when I was a kid!

62 thoughts on “Short thoughts for a long Thursday

  1. Gorgeous flowers – guess they got the message: show up showy or get ready to move out.
    Back pain is horrible. Swimming or yoga ( with a really good teacher) may help once you’re moving more freely. Hey – only a year past date – no problemo! (but we recently pitched anything over 5-10 – who checks the dates anyway?) Hope you get more comfortable ( perhaps a car ride to Starbucks with the AC on high and the seat warmer on…don’t laugh …my option when doing daily commute back then)

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    • I’m not laughing. I love my seat warmers and if it’s a bit warm outside, the ac takes care of it. I’ve rethunk (is that a word) the whole date thing especially for ointments. What they heck…Vaseline never goes bad!

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  2. Reading your posts are often like replaying my life (without the cats). I have been TOTALLY OVER our LONG WINTER (10 months of cold rain…but who’s been counting?). I have also recently wrecked my back. I haven’t tried expired ointment yet. Let me know if that works! 😀

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  3. I like that song too. It’s sort of restful and peppy at the same time.

    I love hydrangeas–blue or pink or in between.

    I’m with Elle. My youngest daughter is shocked … shocked! when she sees how many expired ointments and drugs are in my drawers. She’s been known to throw them away for me. When she was a kid, I thought she was mild.

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  4. Beeeuteeeful hydrangeas! Back pain is a bummer. I have been told by a reputable doctor that antibiotics kept in a cool dry place will last 10 years, or in the refrigerator indefinitely. May the rest of your summer be pain free.

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    • It wasn’t easy! It’s stamped on the crimped edge and I need a magnifier to see it. That should tell me something. If it was all the critical it would be more prominently stamped.


  5. I usually disregard expiration dates – my daughter and pharmacist son-in-law would be livid! Beautiful flowers. I’m hoping my small one will take off in growth this year and maybe get some blooms next year. ~Elle

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  6. Beautiful bush! And hoping the back pain issues end quickly. As for expiration dates: I have come to distrust them completely. While emptying out our kitchen, I threw away a ton of “expired” canned and jarred foods that looked and smelled perfectly okay. With medications, I am sure it is the same. Planned obsolescence.

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  7. My Doctor Sister always laughs when I ask her about expired medicine. Unless it’s a liquid, she says most last waaaaayyyy beyond the expiration date. Big Pharma wants you to buy more, hence the overly cautious expiry.

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  8. Someone else with IBS! Not that that’s a good thing to have in common–LOL! Was another unexpected gift of fibro for me. Glad you even made it there. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    The hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous!!! So glad you didn’t pull them up. They can be cut, hung upside-down and dried. Can last for years or until the dust gets too thick. Unless the cats decide they like them, of course. 😉

    Have a healing, peaceful weekend. 🙂

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  9. Ibuprofen is helping with my soreness from my last “gardening” experience. Those hydrangeas are a beautiful blue. When I was growing up my dad was a florist and we had them all along a walkway in our backyard. They were a pink color and never as vibrant as those! Feel better!

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    • I’m on Advil which I think is the same thing. The color depends on the soil Ph. I use aluminum sulfate to make them more blue although I have a pink Endless Summer that’s stunning. They are among my favorites because they bloom for such a long time and then you can dry them. The Annabelle and peegee bloom consistently every year. The mopheads bloom on old wood so in very cold winters when the stems freeze to the ground, there are no blooms. Some newer ones claim to bloom on both old and new stems but they are not as prolific.

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  10. The hydrangeas are so colorful. We don’t have any, so I’ll enjoy yours. Sorry about your back woes, but if nothing else, you got the opportunity to clean out your medicine cabinet while searching for non-expired ointment. 🙂

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    • Sadly those aren’t mine. I have to get out and take some new pictures that I can post on Sunday. I have a lot of hydrangeas although most are the peegee variety that bloom no matter what. The fussy blues ones are starting to bloom and they are the best in years.

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      • When my back is bugging me, everything bugs me b/c it is hard to do anything without screaming pain. Sometimes I can’t even get into bed and have to sleep sitting up in a recliner. And you can guess that THAT does NOT improve my mood.

        As you say, it takes time. My self-care while I’m waiting: (1) OTC anti-inflammatory; (2) ICE; and (3) heating pad. REPEAT.

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        • I’ve been getting ultrasound treatments that are very helpful. Other than that it’s exactly your protocol. Back pain = cranky! This is new this year. Normally I rarely get back issues.


          • My back is much better since moving to Florida ~ I expect it’s because I exercise more (walking, biking, swimming) so have better core strength and stronger muscles to provide lumbar support.

            Feel better!

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