Sassy cats — A cat’s version of 2017

This is the cat’s version of looking forward to the new year. For them it’s all about attention, catnip, real mousies, no more cats to take attention away from them and did I mention attention? We’ve been working on a video but it’s not ready yet. There was a snag in contract negotiations. Something about extra tuna. What do they say — never work with babies or animals!Mollie: For 2018, I’m hoping for fresh catnip mousies and no new cats! And finally getting my modeling contract going.

Morgan: For 2018, I hope they take Gracie back and get a stuffed cat. She’s aΒ pain.Β I’d like more mousies, the real ones in the basement and lots of sun drops to sleep in and my own computer.

Hazel (no picture yet because I’m losing weight!): Tuna! I want tuna! Since Gracie came all we get is poultry because Miss Prissypants won’t eat anything else. I will! I’d love me some sushi. SUSHI! And a new catnip mousie (Morgan wouldn’t share her real ones). AND NO MORE CATS or vet trips!

Gracie: I love it here. (Really I’m adorable no matter what the other cats say!)Β No one knows if I’m the youngest or if Morgan is, but because I’m so much smaller I get all the attention. πŸ™‚Β I’d be willing to try sushi…maybe. I saw the real mousie but Morgan wouldn’t let anyone else have it. Until she deaded it. Then it wasn’t fun anymore.

Wishing you all a great new year!

52 thoughts on “Sassy cats — A cat’s version of 2017

    • Mollie is beautiful. She was adopted as an older cat, the mom of a litter. People adopted her babies and she was left. She has been a great cat. I wish more people would consider adult cats. She was around 18 months or so. Her life wasn’t over by a longshot.


  1. Your cats are the Best cats that I know!! I really think they could write a book. Mollie could finally get her modeling career going by being on the cover!
    Happy New Year to them all and I Hope their dreams come true and yours too! πŸ™‚

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  2. I love the distinct personalities of your four cats, Kate. I wish for each of them a happy and healthy year ahead (as well as for you and your husband too, of course!) πŸ™‚

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  3. I think they are all adorable and deserve a modelling contract!!

    btw – sushi is one of our favourite Friday night dinners, and we always get extra because of you-know-who. I find it remarkable that Theo can appear out of nowhere and his usually polite behaviour is abandoned as soon as the scent of shrimp or salmon reaches his nostrils.

    hmmm – which reminds me. Today is Friday ….

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    • Hazel is doing well. She’s lost 1-1/2 lbs. since November (mostly while being sick) and she’s maintaining it. She looks much better and moves better. She’s also on meds for her arthritis and that seems to be helping. Mollie is just Mollie. Gorgeous as ever.

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  4. Mollie definitely needs to get her modeling career on track. Poor Hazel… I love tuna, too. Hoping for no vet trips Hazel or for any of the Sassy Cats. Morgan and the Sassy Cats need their own IG account! Gracie you are adorable!

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    • Those were very exciting days for them. One evening I went down to find Hazel and Gracie watching Morgan play “cat and mouse.” Morgan wouldn’t let them near it and they weren’t happy. I rescued the mouse which was very glad to see me.


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