Random 5 for December 31 – Routines, DNA tests, gym, cold, smells

It’s over – When I worked, I enjoyed the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I worked it more often than taking off. It was a peaceful week at work with minimal distractions and few people. Now that I’m retired I find that it’s not a peaceful week. The grocery stores are jammed. So are the restaurants. The traffic is awful and there are people everywhere. I will be glad when everyone returns to school and work and I can have peace again.

Look out ancestors here I come! – I sent off my test kit to see what exotic places my ancestors came from. (Perhaps a few Neanderthals?) The directions were pretty clear except that I’m not a “spitter.” It took over five minutes to come with enough to fill to the “line.” I’m pretty sure I hacked up my lungs!

News from the gym – After three months, I found myself teaching someone how to use a machine. I don’t know how to use most of the equipment but here I was in my instruction mode! Getting my groove on.

A visit from the arctic – After a record-setting summer of high temperatures, we are now experiencing record-setting low temperatures. (Yes, Donald there is global warming!) I am pulling out winter clothing that I haven’t worn in years. Yes I have fleece-lined pants. So warm.

The spirit of dinners past – I wore my toasty LL Bean coat this week and there was a distinct aroma. I have a great nose. I can still smell the roast we made on Christmas Eve. Leftover smells are not the same as leftover pizza. The last time I wore the coat we were at one of our local bistros. (A bistro is a fancy name for a neighborhood bar that serves good food.) I love the place but it smells up my clothes and my hair. Yuck!

So how was your week?

Author’s note: LL Bean did not pay me to reference them but I am always willing to take a bribe. I would be honest, really I would!



59 thoughts on “Random 5 for December 31 – Routines, DNA tests, gym, cold, smells

  1. I bought a DNA kit from “My Heritage” over the holidays with the sales, but haven’t sent it in yet. My daughter did Ancestry and I want to compare the two. I will do the Ancestry one as well so that I can link it correctly to the on-line tree my daughter has been working on. I think I know most of the answers, but it’s fun. I’ve been thinking of you as I hear about the cold, cold and more cold in your region! I hope you have lots and lots of warm clothing, and can reminisce about all the good meals you’ve enjoyed over time. Maybe warm memories will translate to physical warmth! 🙂

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  2. You are not kidding about the crowds out and about between Christmas and New Years! It should soon be calming down for you though. Which DNA test did you send in? 23 and Me or Ancestry? I did 23 and Me several years ago and just now sent in to Ancestry. It’s kind of neat to know.
    You probably don’t want to hear this, but it’s colder where you are right now than here 🙂 Fleece lined pants sound very cozy – stay warm!

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    • It’s 9 degrees right now. Hopefully back to the 30s next week. I did both. They were both discounted. I had bought one but really wanted the ancestry.com one. When that one was discounted, I got it. Hopefully they will match. Were you surprised by your results?


  3. I got one of those DNA kit things from a friend for Christmas. I haven’t sent it in yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to say that I’m a mutt 🙂

    I like your Random 5! I hope you’ll keep them coming!!

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  4. I liked to work (well, maybe not “liked”) the week in between Christmas and New Years too. It was always quiet and I got a lot done. Good luck with the DNA test. If nothing else, it will result in a blog post… or two. Sorry about your weather… if you could send some moisture over here (the snow should melt nicely in transit), that would be great.

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  5. I’m always thinking whenever I write about companies (or complain, as in case of my former life insurance) that they’ll pay me to either write more about them, or remove the post completely. I’m not proud — I’ll gladly take cash to remove anything I’ve written. My sister wants to do the DNA testing. I’ll be very interested in what the experience is like for you. – Marty

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  6. We, on the other hand, are still waiting for winter. Yesterday we were up in the high desert. Average high this time of year is 59. It was 75 at 1:45 pm. It was up in the high 80s at my place a couple of days this week. This warmest spot in the nation for those two days was the city of Lake Elsinore. It is a 30 minute drive from my house. Wish we could split the difference.

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  7. Funny, this post did not show up in my inbox until 1:30! Anyway, I am looking forward to life in the normal lane. This has not been my most favorite holiday season this year. The traffic has been abysmal. Even back roads were crowded. And yes, I believe we are experiencing global warming, but I am so cold and sick, that I would not mind some today. By the way…Happy New Year!

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    • Thanks! I have been having trouble keeping warm even though it’s 72 degrees in our house. You can still feel cold air by windows and doors. I have layers upon layers on. I look a lot like the Michelin tire guy without my coat. Wishing you a great holiday no matter what.


  8. Interested to hear your thoughts of the whole DNA experience. I’ve thought I’d like to do it myself. Here in the southeastern US we are below freezing until at least Wednesday, and yes I wish people would stay the hell out of the stores I’m going to. The grocery is packed. Restaurants packed. Roads packed. UGH!!!

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  9. I am with you and will be glad when the kids get back to school and the roads are less crowded and ditto the stores. It’s cold here… 11* now (that’s the high) and -6 tonight. Tomorrow we are going to warm up to 13.

    Wishing you and your Husband a very Happy New Year filled with all that you love! Scritches to the Sassy Cats! And maybe some toona for Hazel? We have to eat our nasty creamed herring tonight for good luck for the new year… ick.

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  10. It is cold here but not that cold. My week at Michaels has been quieter since Christmas. Not even that many returns. Kinda makes the shift go slower. Gym instructor – I kinda felt that way the first time I showed a coworker how to do something on the cash register. I’m hoping to stay home tonight and work on my planners and getting things ready for a new year. Hope you have a marvelous New Year Kate!

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  11. Hi, Kate. I hate to be a cranky-pants, but I totally agree with you about this week being way too crowded on roads, in supermarkets, restaurants and coffee shops. I live in a small island town. There are only usually locals here in the winter. Who invited all the extras…and when are they going back home? Curmudgeon – out!

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  12. It’s 17 as I type this, uncomfortable, but I’m trying not to complain because it could be worse. It’s -24 in Fargo, North Dakota. MINUS TWENTY-FOUR!

    Yay that you taught someone how to use a piece of gym equipment! You’re gonna be the go-to woman now; you know that, right?

    I totally enjoy this week between Christmas and New Year’s. Dear Husband is off, and it’s just been the two of us. Terribly romantic!

    Have a wonderful 2018!

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    • There is a reason (many actually) that I don’t live in Fargo! If I am the go-to person, that gym is in deep doodoo but I give it my best! So glad you got to enjoy time with your husband. That’s the best present of all.


  13. Because I live near a school, my world is the opposite of yours — I love the holidays! There’s no traffic in my neighborhood, there are no parents blocking my driveway, and there are no kids messing with my sprinklers.

    Unfortunately, the school is being renovated. So I have giant trucks passing and idling this week while the kids are away. The whole house shakes.

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  14. Happy New Year Kate. We have another mild day and have enjoyed a walk along the beach into town this morning. The number of dogs frolicking on the sand and in the water was heartwarming.
    We have a few hours to go before 2018 hits. Got a few challenges lined up, including getting our veg patch started. Yay! Looking forward to our own onions, tomatoes, beans, spuds, and anything else that grows in our soil! Bring it on!!!!

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  15. Love LL.Bean because they always send me a birthday email. For me, the week is usually one wrapped in peace, until new neighbors with buffalo feet moved upstairs kinda ruining it for me. A major issue to address in the New Year.

    Birr…it’s 19 today as compared to 13, the other day, so one can say, we’re having a heatwave as I layer like am eskimo.

    I hope you, dear Kate…you, Hubs, Hazel, Mollie, Morgan and…say goodnight Gracie, all have a wonderful New Year. Love the Random 5 🙂

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