There’s a party in my head

That’s a deceptive title. Sounds so intellectual. So smart. It’s more about “the lazy” or an overactive (and not necessarily in a good way) mind.

Maybe it’s the cold weather. Maybe it’s cabin fever but I find myself doing more things in my head these days.

I can picture events but not exactly the way they play out. Especially if it takes work or effort to do.

Dinner out at a fancy restaurant or takeout from a favorite standby. Hard decisions. I can see me getting gussied up for dinner (sort of). Then I realize it’s too cold for anything but fleece and boots and oversized sweaters. Takes some of the fun out (but adds some relief as everyone looks like the Michelin tire guy).

I can picture me entertaining gobs of people with beautiful dishes made from scratch but I’m more likely to serve burgers and chips. (Designer chips like barbeque or onion and sour cream! Nothing but the best for my guests!)

Sometimes I buy the ingredients to make these luscious things but it doesn’t pan out. (Cue in rotting avocados on the counter.)

That’s not all. I picture myself on glorious vacations. Faraway places with sunny beaches (and no politics!).

I’m waiting for Scotty to get the “beamer” working because I don’t like airplanes. I want to be instantly transported. I want to come back periodically to check on the cats.

I expect every haircut to make me look glamorous. I use words like “piecy” and “chunky” and “razor cut” or “stacked.” It doesn’t matter. I still look the same. (Chunky was not a good one. I will avoid that word in the future.)

Colorful shoes! They jump out at me and say “buy me, buy me.” When I get them home, they don’t go with anything. It’s either back to the store or I need a new outfit or two. (There was a time when I’d get the new outfit. Now it’s easier to take the shoes back.)

This lifestyle is better if you get rid of mirrors and download beach scenes you can call your own. It helps if you know a good caterer or bakery too.

At the end of the day I come home. I put my comfy bedclothes on (which sadly are never as cute as the catalogs) and curl up with the beloved husband and a few cats (who are far more beautiful than the catalogs).

That seems real but during the day….move over Walter Mitty!


57 thoughts on “There’s a party in my head

  1. I definitely relate to what you’re describing, Kate. It’s a very familiar condition. I am much more “creative” in my planning and thinking early in the day, but then as evening gets closer and I’m tired I don’t act on my previous “plans.” I think up a big idea and then talk myself out of it. Maybe having a party in our heads is enjoyment enough for us! 🙂 I liked your comments about coming home to the cats…I say the same thing so often about Zena. I’ve often come home early from a night about because I was worried about the dog. LOL! I’ll just admit to being a little strange! 🙂

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    • I don’t think it’s strange! In the morning I will plan a fabulous (but a lot of work) supper. As the day goes on, things get dropped from the menu. Now I just accept that will happen and I don’t feel bad about it.


  2. Are those avocadoes salvageable at all? if so mush them up and stick some seasoning in them and just dig chips into them. It doesn’t have to be real guacamole to taste good :). So glad it’s not cold here, but even so sometimes I get very chilled. I think my blood has gotten VERY thin living in AZ.

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  3. For a change of scenery, I was going to write in a coffee shop this morning. But it’s cold out (I know 40 degrees isn’t THAT cold), so I stayed home where it’s warm.

    But, hey, that’s okay. I DID get out last week. (It helps when you make promises and reservations and pay up front.) I flew across the country and over to the Bahamas where, even though I was lazier that I would have been some years ago, I did swim in the ocean and walk around in nothing but a bathing suit and dressed up a little for dinner every night. I wore the same flat, heel-less sandals every day, but they were pretty cute.

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  4. Warm comfy clothes, a beloved husband to curl up beside, and four gorgeous cats snuggled up in the mix. Seriously, what could be better?!

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  5. Must admit to feeling like this. Think it must be the dark days and awful weather. Usually start the new year motivated but struggling this year. Probably better to buy the new outfits to go with the shoes! Expect things will get better and this post cheered me up. Thanks Ax

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  6. Today my house is in shambles as some new windows are installed (the old ones were hurting people).

    I dream of how they are going to look and smoothly operate. Then I remember I have to repaint trim and reinstall curtains and it’s a process…

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  7. Another good one, Kate. Parties in my head are much safer for this introverted person. I can invite only who I’d really like to talk to instead of the riff raff that sometimes attend and I can leave when I want instead of having to wait until my husband is ready to go. He is NOT an introvert 🙂

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  8. I’m this way with books lately. I’ve started about four them, which is very unusual for me because I’m quite linear about most things. But I can’t seem to get into any of them, so they’re all just sitting around on my desk taunting me. Very much like the rotting avocado. – Marty

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  9. Ah, finally a post that gets me! I do these same things. When I first starting blogging and read other blogs about peoples’ world travels, I felt I should want more from life than curling up on the sofa with the hubs and dog. Then I realized, am I happy? Yep. That’s all that matters. But, the party in my head lives on . . . 😉

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  10. Nice and sunny here, beach just round the corner. Bit too cold for my liking though, I actually have my jumper on indoors, but Maggie’s taking priority today. As for clothes and shoes, gave them up long ago when on the boat for joggers and trainers. Miss the boat, but have no plans to replace my wardrobe!

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  11. Re your Post subject line, and “That’s a deceptive title. Sounds so intellectual. So smart.”

    All it did for me was sound like you had already been partying. By now, memories are probably a confused medley of “What exactly did I drink?” “Who was that odd lady anyway?” “Was I the hostess… or a guest?” “Did I actually go out dressed like this or………?” “Why is there a “Thank you Kate” note on my pillow?” “Who am I really?” “Scottie… hurry up and fix that confounded beamer thing!” 🙂

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