Random 5 for August 20 – Computers, aging, commenters, trips, seasons

This is from last year but you can see how crowded the pond gets. Everything is happy!

More on computers – I decided earlier in the year to buy a small portable computer. If you missed it, you can read about it here. My second “new” computer went back yesterday and I’m on my third. I wish I could have sat in a quiet room and allowed to work with them before I bought instead of buying and returning. You can do that for musical instruments. So far (one day) it’s been going well. I went back to Microsoft-based and it’s a quicker transition for me. No new tricks for this old dog.

Another gift of aging — I was looking at my arm yesterday and notice that I have a long curly hair on my forearm. LOONNNGGG! Is it a head hair that got lost or yet another gift from the aging gods?

Another odd one – I’ve had a few people leave a comment that starts with a “.” There are spaces around it. The comment doesn’t have substance so I wondered if it’s an attempt to get approved so they could leave a disgusting comment. I did a light browse of my spam file before I deleted the last one (I don’t usually do that). People are sick.

Where to go? – The weather has been beautiful so the beloved husband and I decided to take a day trip. We couldn’t come up with a creative new idea but we’ll think of something that ends with ice cream!

It’s that time of year – The pond is over blooming. I’ve had to prune out some growth so you could see the water and the fish. The tomatoes are going gangbusters. I’ve had enough to freeze a batch I roasted. They will be greatly appreciated in the winter. Fresh fruits and vegetables are in all the farm stands. I just love this time of year. Peaches are juicy and apples are coming soon.

So how was your week?


51 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 20 – Computers, aging, commenters, trips, seasons

  1. I love looking at photos of your pond. I say something similar each time you post, but it’s because I am so amazed at how abundant it grows when it is dormant for a long winter. It’s obviously nicely balanced and very healthy. I’m so sorry to hear about your disgusting SPAM comments. Even though we know it is SPAM, it still bothers us! And I hope this new computer is THE answer! Enough is enough!

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  2. Road trip, ice cream, and sorting of the computer ( Maybe Harry Potter’s hat could make it easier. Sigh.) That pond is happy. Sitting by it with a new computer is way more than happiness. Glad your weather is moderating – days are getting shorter – less time to heat up certainly helps the temps.
    Have a great week

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    • Yesterday was so gorgeous. I wanted it to last forever! We stopped at a new place and they only had frozen yogurt. Not that it was bad but I much prefer ice cream. I had two flavors and they had an artificial taste to them. Maybe made with powder.


  3. Glad to hear your comments on the Chromebook previously. I’m assuming that it was one that went back. My son had recommended a Chromebook for me, since I am also in the market for a new laptop. Didn’t realize it was so different.

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    • I took the Chromebook back although it was really all I needed. I wanted a touch screen (which it didn’t have but some of them do). You have to learn the google apps which isn’t all that hard. I wanted to sync up with my desktop so I needed Windows (or an in house techie). Chromebooks are so inexpensive!


  4. Hate those spammy commenters! I noticed a lot after the A to Z challenge unfortunately. We took a day trip into San Francisco yesterday to visit the Summer of Love exhibit. I’ll be posting about that. It was nice to get out and do something different. Good luck with computer #3!

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