Sassy Cats — Mollie reporting the fake news

Mollie here: There has been a commotion going on with a new computer. It’s very distracting.

There’s some discussion about it resting in the bottom of the pond. Cats are being ignored. Gracie howled for over an hour without anyone playing with her. (Highly unusual! She gets immediate attention all the time!)

Yes, there is the diet thing too. That doesn’t affect me. I am allowed to eat anything I want. Poor Hazel, she’s been sad. She says tuna is like chocolate. It makes everything better!

Our male peep is gearing up for another project. I have a bad feeling that it’s going to affect my bedroom. I spent the past several years, strategically barfing on the carpet to give it a nice design. They are going to rip it out and put in a hardwood floor. Phooeyf!

That’s all for now.

Dang scale! We should put it with the fishies along with the computer.

Update on Hazel’s diet: She doesn’t want to talk about it. Despite being starved all week the scale told a grim story. Either she has a very large poop coming or she has been eating high fat bugs.

68 thoughts on “Sassy Cats — Mollie reporting the fake news

    • Good to see you around! You’ve been dark lately and just when I needed you! I bought a new small portable computer. Returned the first two. Thirds the charm as they say. It cost more than $49!


  1. Oh my! The cats definitely seem to resent the new computer. If they harness all their combined strength are you concerned yet that they might find a way to get it to the pond? Perhaps to keep peace in the home some of that artfully barfed upon carpet can be “reassigned” elsewhere! Good luck to you all! 🙂

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  2. Molly is a great writer! Keep the laughter coming Molly, but I do hope the computer problems go away!
    As for you Hazel, that look you give says it all! Want to give you a big hug. The scales is definitely in cohorts with the computer to drive you and your peeps crazy!

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    • Hazel says you’re not very nice although this morning she’s over it. She ate the last of Morgan’s breakfast so she was happy. She says it isn’t her fault. If the other cats ate their food, there wouldn’t be a problem.


      • Hazel’s right. I’m not very nice 😉

        … although Theo might disagree. We had sushi for dinner and I always have a large piece of either salmon or shrimp for him. Yes – he’s shamelessly spoiled.
        Tonight he hoovered his salmon, licked his chops for a while, washed his face, and then promptly disappeared.

        btw – Theo could stand to lose a pound or two … but then again, so could I 😉

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        • Oh, if only was a pound or two! Hazel weighed in at 16 and she should be a 9 to 10 pound cat. I had her down to 13 until last fall. She started creeping up a bit but with all of Gracie’s food challenges this past spring, she found ways to sneak food. She’s a good cat though.

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          • Teddy was 4-5 months old when he came to live with me. Before then he was mistreated and abandoned in a ditch so he has reason to be shy. The first couple of weeks here I didn’t see him at all. He would hide until I was asleep then come out to eat and use the litter box. One night I woke up to find him lying next to me watching me and purring and he has been lovable with me since. But he still doesn’t trust people. I have had him about 6 years and there are friends who have never seen him…when someone knocks on the door he hides under the quilt on my bed.

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            • Hazel is like that. She was semi-feral when turned into the shelter at 3 months and kept in a very large cage with 10 other cats until I adopted her at 6 months. Little if any socialization. If a car turns in the driveway she is up the steps and under the bed. Mostly she’s good with us but sometimes you can’t touch her. Taking her to the vet always requires a strategy. Putting her on a diet is hard for me because of her past. I want her to be happy.


    • She has more skin than anything. She was a few pounds heavier than she is now and her skin never went back. It’s like shawl draped around her when she sits. I did engage her in play yesterday (a miracle in itself). While she likes a roll with the catnip toy, she won’t chase anything.

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  3. What an amusing run-down of the cat kingdom, Mollie! I feel so sorry for all of you and hope the computer will begin to behave itself. Please be as soothing and loving as possible, because your peeps are under a lot of computer pressure. Do everything you can to keep that wicked machine out of the pond. You undoubtedly hate water, but it is lethal for computers. NO ONE will be happy if there is a watery death involved.

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