Sassy Cats — Mollie reporting the fake news


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Mollie here: There has been a commotion going on with a new computer. It’s very distracting. There’s some discussion about it resting in the bottom of the pond. Cats are being ignored. Gracie howled for over an hour without anyone … Continue reading

Sassy cats – A barfy sort of week


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This has been food issue week. Every day someone throws up. It’s almost like a food rental. I shouldn’t be charged full price if it doesn’t stay down! Mostly it’s Mollie. She’s prone to barfing. The vet thinks she has … Continue reading

Sassy cats – An ominous start to Hazel’s diet


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Ever since new catkid Gracie joined the household, Hazel has bloomed (and I don’t mean personality-wise!). She has slowly hoovered up food while Gracie was busy being finicky. Gracie refused to eat. Then only ate dry. Then ate nothing again. … Continue reading