Sassy cats — Catching up

Sasha: Bad spider! I will dedded you!

There is no doubt who was redecorating with the pumpkins on the floor! I caught Sasha at it. In this picture that black thing on top is a spider made out of chenille pipe cleaners and tull. I’ve had it for many years.Β (I have a whole series of blurred pictures where she is throwing the spider in the air and pawing the pumpkins!)Β This year I have often found it on the floor full of saliva with the legs all contorted. No need for DNA test. I know who did it! Back in the day, it was Mollie’s toy!

Another odd thing — Gracie has locked herself in the powder room twice in 24 hours. It’s a tiny room with not much in it so I’m not sure what she finds so fascinating. She was fortunate that we found her quickly. Both times the throw carpet was on a pile, the trash can on it’s side and the basket of extra toilet paper scattered. She’s a cat. I’m not trying to make sense out of it. She’s been here almost three years and it’s the first time she’s shown interest. Whatev!

Everyone here wishes you a great weekend!

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Catching up

    • For Sasha it’s expected. Anything that can wiggle a little is in trouble. Gracie was surprised that she closed the door on herself and couldn’t get out. Yet she did it again. We not have a door stop there so she can’t do it especially when we are not home.

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  1. With a cat in the house, there is rarely a dull moment. With a handful of cats in the house, you have multiple opportunities for cat adventures 😸 Even when they are sleeping, there are too many ‘awwww’ moments to notice and capture in a photo.

    Theo was annoyed with me this morning because I was ignoring him. I could hear him batting something around upstairs that he undoubtedly shouldn’t have had. I still haven’t found what it was or where it’s ended up. Something to look forward to when I least expect it πŸ˜‰

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    • Last night I heard Gracie wrestling (loudly and verbally) with something. It was unlikely a mouse but I thought it best if I’d check it out. It was that poor spider. This will be it’s last year. Chenille can only take so many coatings of saliva!

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    • Gracie has not learned her lesson. Usually she gets caught in closets if we go in for something. She’s gray so she can sneak in unnoticed. We have nose counts before bed and even during the day if I don’t see her on her favorite spot. Sasha is wonderful. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to get such an easy going cat. If she has any flaw, it’s that she’s a food hound. She’s put on 2 lbs. since she’s here topping out at a little over 10 pounds. Not too chunky but not thin like Morgan. Vet is ok with it so I’m just keeping an eye on it.


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