Random 5 for November 17 – Medical, changes, birthdays, cats, people

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The week that was – This week seemed to be wall to wall appointments of all sorts. Many of the doctor variety (my least favorite especially compared to a spa appointment). A routine checkup turned into a “you need a biopsy.” (Nothing serious or earth shattering. Just a routine check for issues I’ve had all my life.) Although annoying, I’m hoping to get a good blog post out of it. More later.

Fall out from that – That turned this coming week which was scheduled to be a peaceful interlude before Thanksgiving into an upside down one. Beloved husband had to cancel his first birthday celebration with former work friends. (We celebrate birthdays for the whole month!) Procedures mean fasting and no Starbucks. That makes me cranky just thinking about it.

Here is my brother laying a smooth on my SIL this past summer. Do they look 90?

On a happy note – We will be celebrating birthdays all during November. Besides the beloved husband, my sister-in-law (the one who survived the near fatal car accident) will be 90. If you saw her, you wouldn’t believe it. Although she’s on a walker, she does not look her age nor does she act it. Her synapses are snapping. There is another brother-in-law in his 80’s who will enjoy another birthday too. How did everyone get so old?

As if on cue – The cats have been especially cuddly. Do they feel my anxiety or is it just the cold that makes them cling? Maybe it’s the fireplace that is going most evenings these days.

Don’t judge a book – We had a tree cut down this week. We have used the same service for several years. The owner is very skilled at what he does. There is an awkwardness about him. Maybe he is what they call “on the spectrum.” He came highly recommended. He has a great team. Even if they have already put their equipment away, they will cut that one extra branch without any attitude. I highly recommend them. Skilled and competent beats super friendly any day.

So how was your week?


52 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 17 – Medical, changes, birthdays, cats, people

  1. Your sister-in-law does look amazing, not a day over 75! It is interesting how families often seem to have a few birthdays to celebrate over a short period of time. We have a lot of January birthdays. I like the milking out of birthdays for the entire month. A good tradition. I read your most recent post first and I am glad results are good.

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  2. You describe your medical appointments and concerns as annoying, and I hope that’s as far as it goes! But it’s so true that these “medical interludes” can just suck the life out of a week. I hope it’s all behind you before you head into Thanksgiving week. And your brother and SIL just amaze me. I just can’t imagine what they’ve been through, and then to see how full of life and joy they are, wow! In celebration of all the birthdays and getting through the medical miasma, have an extra Starbucks or two! 🙂


  3. We’ve had many trees cut down since moving here. Our experiences are similar to yours. The awkward guy + crew did a great job, while the guy with the charming personality did a half-assed job. Lesson learned, business card of awkward guy filed away for future reference. Mr. Charming’s card has been shredded.

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  4. Sorry about the tree loss. But glad you found someone who knows what they’re doing. Too many guys run around with a chainsaw and call themselves an arborist. 🙄

    Happy birthday to all the family members celebrating. Your BIL & SIL look amazing! Love that special glow in the kiss on both their faces.

    Good luck with your procedure.

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  5. Yes, I highly value competence! It’s nice to get someone competent AND personable, but I have no use for people who are personable but not competent. Best wishes with the biopsy; it sounds serious.

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    • Sometimes we pass over the non-personable people who are competent. When I was setting up interviews for potential hires, I always counseled managers that they are not looking for someone to have a drink at happy hour. They are looking for someone who can do the job and fit in with the existing staff.

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      • Yeah, that can be a problem. Luckily, I work in a field where you have to make tough decisions and the managers understand that. The ‘nice’ ones can’t handle it and move on. So if they hire poorly, the situation is self-correcting. As a consumer, though, I want competence first, and then we can develop whatever relationship is necessary to see eye to eye. If we can’t, i find someone who can. Since I am an introvert and prefer introverted professionals, it usually means just sticking with the situation until we feel more comfortable making decisions together. Weirdly, that seems to work.

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  6. My doctor appointments tend to come in clumps. I guess I try to get everything done at once so the rest of my time is free from that major annoyance. I hope your biopsy goes well (although, I’m not sure if it’s better to find something easily treatable, or find nothing specific and go on experiencing annoying symptoms). Enjoy your birthday celebrations!

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    • I wonder too. I have been avoiding this one for years but this time they added the word “treatable” as in I wouldn’t have any symptoms with treatment. This only proves that hope runs eternal. My prediction is that the test won’t show anything definitive and life will go on as usual except that I had a lousy week.

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  7. We had a good week . . . sprinkled with doctor’s appointments (no alarming news). Then the weather turned colder, finding me huddled inside by an imaginary fire sorting through P`a`p`e`r`w`o`r`k.

    Hope your biopsy comes out the right way. And that the rest of the birthday month = FUN!

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  8. You are so right about your SIL. She’s a stunner! Happy birthdays all round. Hubby’s was earlier this month, it’s a neighbour’s on the 26th and my SIL’s on the 27th.
    I think we’ve had a good week. Progress and recovery are going well, but although I’ve had 2 really good days, I won’t be pushing for a hat trick. We’ve got a long trip later in the week for my results. Bit nervous in case something else has turned up with all the digging around in my armpit which is still tender.

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  9. Sorry about the needed biopsy but if you’re dealing with a recurring “something” that you’ve had to keep an eye on forever at least you know what to expect. Sending you POTP (I guess that’s appropriate to send if you’re sending to a cat Mom!). Your SIL definitely does NOT look like she’s in her 90s….good genes! I am sure that when I get to 90 (IF I do) I will look every bit of that old which is fine with me. I’ll just be glad to be HERE! Cats do sense our anxiety – a cat hug always does the trick doesn’t it……they are so in tune.

    Sunday Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

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