Catching up

Just last summer, healthy and active!

It’s been a very hectic time here. My brother and sis-in-law were in a very bad auto accident. Life changes in a second. I am watching firsthand the pain and suffering auto crashes cause.

We all think we are good drivers. We can multi-task and speed. Well, we can’t. We drive a 3,000 pound missile that can kill yet we do it as if it was a Nerf ball.  My brother has been released from the hospital after six days but it will be quite a while before my SIL will mend with all her broken bones.

Drive safely. Be kind. Be grateful that all your parts work (even if one or two need a little coaxing). Be grateful that you are alive. Be especially grateful that you are not in an ICU (intensive care unit) hooked up to machines.

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  7. Oh my goodness, Kate. This is very frightful news, and I can only imagine how much worry you’ve all experienced. With injuries this severe, I guess the best takeaway is that they’re lucky to be here. But that doesn’t help a lot with the pain right now. Do keep us posted.

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  8. Oh dear, Kate! That is terrible news. I hope they both make a full recovery in spite of what I’m sure will be a long and slow process.
    Yes, life can change in a heartbeat and suddenly all those petty annoyances that seem so big become so irrelevant.

    My very best wishes for your SIL in her recovery.

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  9. It’s scary- how quickly a missed stop, an “eyes off the road” second, a peek at the cell phone, can hurt you and others irretrievably. It’s been 9 months since my guy and I were rear ended and I still have concussion side effects. I pray that your brother and SIL can heal and recover. 🙏💙

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  10. I’m do sorry, Kate. We take so much for granted in our lives, including how we drive and what we think someone else might do on the road. I pray they both recover quickly and can get back to where they were before this.

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  11. Such sad news. Your warning is something I wish more people would heed. Living in a town with two universities and virtually no traffic law enforcement, I´m amazed we haven´t yet been in an accident, although we´ve come close. I mention the universities because we have so many young people with little driving experience on our streets … and it shows. I´m glad you are so close to your brother that you can help as needed. Both he and his wife will be in my thoughts.

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  12. Oh, how terrible it happened and how good it wasn’t worse. (Hugs for being able to step in to help with care at your home…even RC Cat offered to speak with your Realm’s cats about sharing sunny spots and soft beds with those who need a bit of help.) We may think we have driving all under control ,but there’s always the road, the weather, and so many distracted or angry or simply bad drivers.
    Warm healing thoughts being sent.

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  13. So sorry to hear about your sister-in-law and brother.

    Most of us forget how fortunate we are on a daily basis. There was a competitive dance couple with two small children who were in a terrible accident. Kids were fine, but she had serious brain damage. I remember her husband wishing he could go back to the good old days when he just worried about winning dance comps.

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  14. I’m so sorry to hear this Kate – I came over to see if you had done your usual Wednesday post and saw this sad post. I will keep them in my prayers … my mom was in an automobile accident at age 11 and it changed her life forever, so I am well aware how one moment in time and 3,000 pounds of metal can wreak havoc on loved ones.

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  15. Oh my, this is sad news. My heart goes out to all of you dealing with this. Accidents change lives in the blink of an eye, which I can attest to myself. I’ll say a prayer for your family. Hugs.

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  16. Sorry to hear that the people you’ve been visiting in the hospital are so close to you . . . although it’s nice that the hospital is close so you don’t have to drive too far to visit, especially in bad weather.

    Glad that your brother is able to be with you until he’s more stable ~ does he like the cats? Do the cats like him?

    Best of luck to you all as your SIL recovers. Hang on to your sense of humor ~ you’ll need it.

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    • He loves cats. They had one until several years ago when it died. They are approaching 90 so they didn’t want to get another one but my brother is enjoying the nocturnal bed visits. Gracie has found a new buddy who is willing to play with her much of the time.

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  17. Four years ago my folks were T-boned in a terrible accident. My dad (94) was killed instantly and my mom was in the hospital and rehab and the hospital again and rehab for several months. She’s okay, but has never been the same. She’s got a bit of a limp from a broken ankle that didn’t heal right so she can’t walk very far and is now fragile and thin as a rail. She’ll be 90 in a week. We’re so glad she decided to move back to Minnesota from Florida so she’s closer to most of the family. She sounds happier and busy.

    Yes, life is a gift that can drastically change or be lost in a moment. I’m glad your brother and SIL survived. My prayers for healing are with them–and with the whole family.

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    • I am so sorry. It would be hard for one to survive the other although eventually that happens. My SIL sounds like your mom. No broken ankle but a lot of other injuries and her concern is that she will be more limited.


      • Yes, my mom had broken ribs and bruising all over, too. She ended up getting an infection they had a terrible time getting rid of (and almost killed her–in the first terrible rehab place). Thank goodness they have you guys close to go and check on them and for a place to go when they can be released. My mom was in Florida and my brother and SIL could only fly down every so often so they depended on phone calls a lot. Mom would always say she was fine, of course. I’m glad they have you close by and you are there to help with your brother and check on your SIL regularly. That makes a world of difference! 🙂

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  18. Oh, I am so sorry to hear of your family being in such a horrific accident. Yes, I think how close we come to danger ever time we get on a freeway. And as I get older I try to focus more on my driving. One never knows how quickly life can change. I try to be grateful each day just to be able to be up and moving as I see so many of my older friends and family slowed down by infirmities. Be careful out there, Kate!

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  19. I am so sorry, Kate. I feel the same way as you do about driving. We put our lives on the line every time we venture out on the road. People are crazy behind the wheel and seem clueless as to the results of being in an accident. My morning commute is in the dark and 8 miles of it is on a two-lane, winding road. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had cars coming head on and swerve into my lane. People need to slow down, get off their phones and pay attention. I’ll keep your brother and his wife in my prayers. xo

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  20. So sorry about your brother and sister in law! Hugs and prayers for healing for them and patience in the process. Are you able to be with them, do they live close by?
    You are so right at how people think they can multi task while driving and it has gotten so scary out there with crazy drivers! People just don’t pay attention anymore to the road!

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  21. Kate, I was just catching up after having family here for a week. They have to drive back to MO tomorrow. I am so sorry about your brother and his wife. Driving is scary… other people’s driving is scary and puts us at risk. I’m sending hugs to you and prayers and positive thoughts to your brother and his wife and all your family. You will be on my mind more than you know.

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