Random 5 for February 17 – Crowds, security, warning lights, animals, food

Peopley – I have been visiting some relatives in the hospital this week. I don’t usually see large crowds since I retired. It’s amazing and amusing. Not only are there all different looks and sizes but manners too. Some people will hold doors for you and some will slam them in your face. It’s a crosscut of society that I find interesting. In small doses.

Speaking of odd – I visited two people in different wings of the same hospital. For one I had to have a photo badge created. For the other I walked right in. Oddly, the walk-in area was an Intensive Care Unit. Couldn’t figure that out. Maybe I was in the witness protection area.

Those lights must mean something – My car dashboard has a lot of lights, some are warning lights. Some are just gauges. They are not intuitive to me. The low tire pressure warning looks like a butt with a crack in the middle. The key light I can figure out. After months of flashing way past normal flashing, I had the beloved husband check out the battery on the key fob. It wasn’t exactly low but it was on the border of not good. He changed it and the flashing lights are back to normal with no stragglers (still don’t know what each means).

This was from a few years ago. Juvenile red fox running away from crazy clapping man.

Visitors – We’ve been having foxes come through the yard looking for a nice fat squirrel for dinner. Sometimes they are successful and I’m sad. Other times they go on to other places. There are two of them, healthy looking and beautiful. Circle of life.

Too much take out? – It’s been hectic here so we’ve had “take-out” for dinner the last few nights. It takes the pressure off but at a certain point, I long for a home cooked meal. Perhaps it’s my body wanting healthy food again.

So how was your week?



72 thoughts on “Random 5 for February 17 – Crowds, security, warning lights, animals, food

  1. So you were able to walk right into aN ICU room? Now that’s interesting. One would think that might require a little more security. But hey, who are we to judge…:)
    Every once in a while take out hits the spot..:)

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  2. I’m late getting to this because I’m on a bit of a winter break. Laughing about your lights on the car dashboard. Turns out I’m writing something about batteries and cars in my upcoming Friday post. Think you might get a kick out of it. So glad your brother is home and hoping everyone heals quickly.

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  3. My tire pressure light came on recently, and I was convinced it was the engine trouble light. So I took it into the car repair place. They came back to me within 10 minutes saying everything was fixed, no charge. I asked what they did and the man responded, “Oh, just filled up the tires with air.” Oy. I now know the difference between the two lights. – Marty

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  4. Rear passenger tire on my 2018 Jeep Compass is really low. I must’ve drove over a nail. Taking it in to the dealership on Thursday to get it fixed. Quoted me 30 CAD for it, but betcha it is more! (Never believe a quote unless its in writing!)

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  5. Sounds like an interesting week! I hope the people you are visiting in the hospital are doing well and have full and quick recoveries. Foxes are beautiful! I know what you mean about being sad when they succeed with getting squirrels, but they are pretty anyway. I hope you get a home cooked meal soon, too 🙂 Absolutely hear you about that! When I used to travel more for work, some places there wasn’t anything but fast food, and it gets tiresome quick!

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  6. I’ve still not read the car manual – the car will be 10 years old this September, but only 5,600 miles, so that tells you just how much I drive it. I got acquainted with the car a lot during the Polar Vortex as I sat in it every morning of those three days and ran the car ten minutes on, ten minutes off for about 45 minutes. I don’t change the clocks, just mentally figure out the right time after we Fall back from DST to avoid figuring it out. My last car I had a cheat sheet in the glove department – 21 years and still had to consult it. 🙂

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  7. Today my sister and I walked around Greenlake. Since t was our first semi-nice day for a while, it was very peopley. There were no doors to hold open or slam shut. But the walkway was narrowed with piles of snow, and since traffic goes in two directions, it got tight in some places. Most people were alert and made room for approaching walkers. Others, not so much. There was lots of variety: those who wore down jackets and warm hats and those who showed a distressing amount of skin, babies in strollers, racing kids, chatting girlfriends, athletes, old folks, white, black, and brown. Halfway around, we bought lattes to warm our hands.

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  8. I have found that in very small hospitals I’ve been able to get by without a badge or checking in, but those are rare! I would imagine that making hospital rounds in the weather you’ve been having isn’t easy. I hope this week the two patients are doing better and perhaps sent home! I concur with you about being in crowds of people. I don’t mind dipping into the “pond” now and then, but I am always glad to get home and out of the crowd. People are so unpredictable these days and I don’t always like what I experience! Hope this is a good week for you and yours, Kate.

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  9. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fox in the wild. I would love to. I don’t have all those lights and doohiggies in my car because I bought it two weeks before 911. It’s hard to believe but we didn’t have all that technology back then.

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  10. Maybe because I am at the hospital regularly visiting patients and staff with Sam, I find hospitals in particular are a treasure trove for people watching. I can almost always count on an older driver will nearly run me down in the parking lot. Every time. And frequently honk at us to get out of the way. 😳People!

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  11. Is it bad that I really would like some foxes? One of my neighbors insists on feeding the squirrels peanuts. The squirrels insist on burying those peanuts in my flower beds, flower pots, and flower baskets, even if they have to dig up my bulbs to do it. The red-tailed hawk gets a few squirrels, but not nearly enough of them.

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    • I can box some up for you! 🙂 We have a healthy chipmunk and squirrel population but it ebbs and flows as hawks and foxes come through. We hadn’t seen foxes for maybe 2 years or so. This past summer/fall we’ve had a lot of hawks so they picked off the chippies. Yep, both of those get into pots, plants and even knock on our sliding glass door when the sunflower seed goes down.

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  12. There is something surreal about visiting someone in the hospital – and, to your point, the varying degrees of security (or not). What always gets me is the ability to just walk in on someone in bed … there’s always a bit of hesitation on my part b/c they could be half out of bed in a varying state of undress. That’s happened to me – as the patient! And I’m always very grateful to walk on out of there when visiting time is over!!

    Loved the fox picture ~ we have had an influx of bunnies, birds and stray cats. Somehow the 3 won’t mix forever. Squirrels are confused by the downed limbs after our most recent ice storm ~ they make for easy pickings if they’re not careful.

    I prefer homemade food, too .. there’s a roast in the crock pot already! But, like you, it’s hard to resist a rotisserie chicken (although I hear they’re injected with stuff to make them juicy … I choose not to read the label too much).

    Happy Sundaying 🙂 MJ

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  13. Some people are more peopley than others. Best avoided. Love the fox! We have had some coyote sightings here this year ~> No small pets lost yet. I can’t speak for the squirrels.

    We don’t get take out except for the occasional pizza. I like knowing what’s in my food. 😉

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  14. Sorry to hear you have two relatives in the hospital. I hope things improve for them.

    The low tire pressure light on my dash looks like a cauldron with a fire under it. I embarrassed myself by taking it to the shop and describing the light.

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  15. People in small doses, yes. Red fox trotting across yard, yes. However, about the take-out… I can only eat it for so long before I feel all bloat-y and icky. I’m hardly a health nut, but I do enjoy my own cooking more, if I do say so myself.

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  16. Any week that involves multiple visits to the hospital – even if it is visiting other people – scores low on my list. Hope none of it is serious … but photo ID? That’s a new one for me.

    Although I did get outside for a couple of walks this week, I’m still cocooning inside. I think today will be no exception. Happy Sunday!

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