Sassy cats — Photo op for Mollie

I’ve been trying to get some creative shots but the cats weren’t having any of it. Here is what I got. Mollie has spent some time on the downstairs cat tree. She enjoys it but will only spend about 20 minutes before going back upstairs to her “room.”

Mollie lounging on the top shelf: Don’t pester me Gracie. This is my time!

Mollie: Human you are bothering me with that dang camera. Vamos!

Mollie: They wonder why I don’t come here often. There is no peace and quiet at the cat tree. I need to move it upstairs!

I had another 25 photos that were blurred or tails and butts. Such is the life of a cat photographer. Here is a clipart that applies to our household. This happens at the most inappropriate times!

Mollie and the crew wish you a great weekend.

51 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Photo op for Mollie

  1. The captions are as great as the photos … yup, sometimes a girl just wants to enjoy her tree. I arrive home with lots of squirrel snouts and tails missing or they are the only thing in the picture. Thank goodness for digital cameras! The cartoon is a hoot.

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  2. Love the pics and the thoughts going through Mollie’s head! πŸ™‚ LOL at the cartoon, i saw one the other day that made me think of your cats. Everything was smashed on the floor as the 2 cats are sitting on the little table by the window. The caption said, “Your stuff was in the way!” πŸ™‚

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    • She is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever had and I’ve had some beauts! She’s tiny too, topping out at 7 pounds. It’s hard to get her in action because she mostly sleeps. I have a lot of sleeping pictures or pictures with one eye open.


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