Sassy cats — Adjustments

Mollie on her favorite bed!

We have a guest so there have been adjustments. Mollie is delighted that the person is not sleeping in her main bedroom. She likes to take an occasional snooze in the guest bedroom just to keep it homey but it’s not her regular spot. That did not stop Morgan from bunking in with the guest one night but she said it was just for support. What a cat!

Gracie in her box with her toy!

On the other hand Gracie is delighted to have a new playmate. She is protecting her toy here because she didn’t want it to get hidden anywhere.

Morgan has been very needy which is so unlike her. Loss of Hazel, new person in the house. Lots of changes for a cat. (Lots of changes for a human!)

All the cats here wish you a great weekend.

48 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Adjustments

    • Hazel always slept on the guest bed and I felt bad when she was transplanted because of guests. She would survive and when they left, she went right back to her spot. The grays are not finicky. They go where they want no matter who is here.

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  1. I can see Mollie when she saw you with the camera rolling over a bit to get the best possible light on her beautiful furry self… Ha! Awww, Morgan. And would anyBODY think of taking Gracie’s toy and hiding it… Kate?? Here’s to gentle easy adjustments for the humans and the Sassy Cats.

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  2. Some cats are more sensitive than others. Bossy Cat doesn’t care which human is in “her” recliner. If someone sits in it, she makes a beeline for the warm human lap. She doesn’t care if that human hates cats, she’s getting that lap.

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