Random 5 for February 24 – Crash, thinking, family, hospitals, eye shadow

My brother and Gracie taking a nap. He was released from the hospital but my sister-in-law is still in.

The background – If you haven’t been following, my brother and his wife were in a horrific auto crash over a week ago. You can read about it here.

When the brain’s not clicking – With the recent upheaval in our family life, I find my concentration is affected. The words either don’t come or are dark. My neurotic self feels out of control and I have to work on acceptance. Some days I have to work harder than others. Many days require two mocha lattes. Starbucks is the winner here.

Who you gonna call? – No not ghost-busters but family. And friends. I have been amazed at how many friends have come forward to provide comfort. Thank you!

Hospital rooms – My clothes closet is bigger than a hospital room. It’s hard for two people to pass. We have advised anyone visiting to not take in anything. No room for flowers or balloons. Even candy doesn’t work as the diet is limited and it’s another thing sitting around. However, I don’t want to go as far as saying not to bring it because we have been taking the candy home for “later.” Ok, I admit I filched one piece. It was a box of mixed chocolates and I almost got something I didn’t like. Stealing one piece may be OK but taking multiple bites and putting it back probably isn’t.

There are always funny stories – Every devastating event has a few funny stories. You have to look for them because they hide behind the pain. One of my favorites is that the first time I saw my sister-in-law a few hours after the crash, her eyes were all purple but her face wasn’t bruised. I asked the doc if there was any injury to her eyes. He laughed and said they were concerned too but it was eye shadow.

That’s it for me today. How was your week?


80 thoughts on “Random 5 for February 24 – Crash, thinking, family, hospitals, eye shadow

  1. Your family’s situation and the occurrence of such a devastating accident is upsetting to each of you, and I hope you’re not being at all hard on yourself for feeling “unmoored.” What you’re describing in loss of attention and feeling unsettled is the response to trauma. I think whatever mocha lattes can do for you–great! The more the better. I just hope your sister-in-law is recovering. I’m sure very, very slowly, but we’re pulling for her! And all of you!

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    • Thanks. Having friends reach out has been very helpful. For some reason I find mochas soothing. Maybe it’s the routine of it. The folks at SB know me and make me feel good even if it’s just for the moment. The chocolate is so good but not as sweet as a dessert would be.


  2. Glad there’s a cat on guard – can’t have injured guests moving around too much. Cat healing beats a whole lot of other medicine.
    The eyeshadow is hilarious
    Those who can find something to smile at during the worst times, are the ones who are best equipped to get through life’s ups and downs
    Hang in there (and I hope this comment will stick – I’ve tried 3 times with the last post)

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    • It stuck! There have been more funny stories that I will share. Gracie has been his therapy cat. Today he is going home to his own place. I will miss him. SIL is still in the rehab place and will be for another maybe 2 weeks or so.

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  3. It’s good your brother is at home with you – being with family helps make him heal faster emotionally. It would be awful for him to be alone right now – too much time on his hands to think and worry. A nice kitty in your lap doesn’t hurt any either. 🙂 The eyeshadow story is funny – humor helps doesn’t it?

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  4. I think it is very interesting how Gracie is keeping an eye on your brother. Cats know… I really believe that. The eyeshadow is a giggle. I don’t wear eyeshadow but you won’t catch me without bare mineral makeup and earrings… I get her. I am so happy to hear she was transferred to rehab. I remember her recovering from a bad break. I know she is going to do what it takes to come back from this.I love how you all are there for one another.You all have my continuing prayers.

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  5. Kate, when my husband had his accident (the broken feet story), I could not think clearly. I forgot the simplest of things, and I worried something was wrong with me. It all straightened out over time. I say this because I understand how the brain might not be clicking right now. An unexpected, tragic event and upheaval in the household can do that temporarily.

    So glad you can still find humor. I’ve said some prayers for your family. Take care.

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  6. LOL about the eye shadow! Humor is something that is always helpful!!
    Glad that your sister in law is getting better day by day. You go ahead and treat yourself to Starbucks, you need it! I am sure your brother and SIL are so grateful for you, just remember to take care of yourself as you take care of them! ❤

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  7. I’m so sorry about the car accident. With all the driving we all do, and the speed, and the bad roads and weather, sometimes I wonder how we make it home safely as often as we do. Best wishes to your brother and sister-in-law in their recovery. Thank goodness for chocolates, Starbucks, and humor.

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  8. You have to try and find humor during times like these. Its good to see your brother doing better. Do they know how long your SIL will be in? It’s not unusual for something like this to upset not only your life, but your emotional equilibrium as well. Stay well, Kate.

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  9. Which of the two of them was so anti getting a kitty? How is Betty doing at rehab? Hope your evening will “get” you in a happy place! Nothing like laughter to make one feel better.

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  10. Eye shadow! I’m sure she will enjoy that story for many years to come.
    Worry always discombobulates the brain. I find a short walk will clear mine up a bit. I know you can walk hospital halls, but I think it’s the fresh air that helps.

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  11. Oh man .. I realized I was holding my breath while reading this. Time does stop when “something happens,” doesn’t it? And there’s a part of us that looks around, at the rest of the world, with a “how can you go on with your life while all this is happening here?” too. So helpful that your brother has you *and a kitty on his lap* to help in his recovery. And for your sister-in-law, just know that if she didn’t need to still be in, they’d have booted her out long ago. So hopefully she is mending and getting good care and will be able to enjoy the comforts of home real soon. The purple eyeshadow was a moment!


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  12. My sister used to flip over every chocolate in the Whitman’s Sampler and poke her fingernail in the bottom to see if it was a caramel before she’d eat it. Not that I’m endorsing this method.

    Sometimes, you need a dose of humor (or purple eyeshadow!) to get through the day even more than a mocha latte.

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    • It was very dark purple and very smudged. Betty is more likely to wear blue to match her eyes so I was completely thrown off. I was almost fearful to ask but I needed to know. I’m the caramel in the box girl too passing up the creams. The one I ate was a vanilla cream and it was a bit sweet for me but it was better than some of the “mystery” flavors.

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