She’s back in the saddle again!

Here she is post accident with eye shadow and lipstick on!

An amazing miracle! That’s all I can say. Or is it the ultimate stubbornness?

My sis-in-law (SIL) was in a bad accident in February (exactly 3 months ago today). I posted about it here and here. The injuries were severe and as her primary care doc said, “I didn’t think I’d see you again. Most people would have been shuffled off to a nursing home after this.”

Obviously she underestimated how tenacious SIL can be. Despite her age (89) she had no intention of that happening. She has mobility issues but she manages them.

This week the women in the family had lunch with her for the first time since the accident. I “cooked” lunch (that means I picked up pizzas).

We were all amazed at how close to normal she is. (Remember that normal is a stretch for anyone in my family. Then again, maybe we are normal and you are all weird!) I see her more frequently than the others and even I saw an improvement over a week or two ago.

I envisioned eating slices in the living room so she could sit in her lounge chair. Instead we ate around the dining room table complete with centerpiece decorations that she carefully chose. The conversation was lively and as is the case in our family, it was hard to get a word in edgewise.

When I left I had a warm spot in my heart. My family is not openly affectionate. We don’t do a lot of hugs and no kissy-kissy (God no!) but there is true caring for each other. We do what we can to encourage and support each other and for that I am grateful. I missed my mom. She would have been very proud of this group (although not sure she would have approved of the pizzas).


62 thoughts on “She’s back in the saddle again!

  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! First of all, I hope I have the vitality she has when I’m 89! She must have very strong will and such a good attitude to have healed from such a terrible accident. I’m so happy for her, and for you all. I hope that she knows how much we all have been pulling for her! Thanks for the update, Kate.

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  2. That is wonderful news – your SIL surprised every one. I loved your line “I “cooked” lunch (that means I picked up pizzas).” That’s the best way and you didn’t have a lot of dishes and mess to clean up afterward either and could enjoy each other’s company.

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  3. Cheers to her! She looks great and that is wonderful to hear of her doing so well!! Pizza sounds like the perfect thing to celebrate! Margarita’s with it? 🙂
    A warm fuzzy post, even without the hugging! 🙂

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  4. I’m a family person, so this warmed my heart to read about your family. When I finally moved back to be near mine, I was spilling over with gratitude to finally have them nearby and see them more often.

    So thrilled to hear how well your SIL is doing. She’s one strong lady.

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  5. Totally wonderful and amazing. really glad it’s going so well. Bet just having everyone over made her feel life is getting back to normal-is. (even if tiring). How can you not be encourage looking at her tenacity and inner strength.
    Thanks for the smiles today

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  6. Most shocking to me ~> “it’s been 3 months?”
    Time flies as it . . . heals all wounds, eh?

    Glad your SIL is well enough to enjoy pizza at the dining room table.
    Did you break out the good china?

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    • The timing was a coincidence. The lunch was on Monday and today when I calculated how long it had been I was surprised to. Yep on the good china. Don’t expect that at my place. I had brought paper plates along.

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  7. Totally awesome! Well done SIL!!
    I’m not kissy kissy with my family either, other than Bro in NZ if I get the chance again and SIL when she was over (though when I saw my eldest nephew at my niece’s wedding in July 2017, I didn’t want to let him go as I hadn’t seen him for years!) I hugged her enough so that she could pass it on. Sister and OB are like ironing boards…… hard, stiff and unyielding.

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  8. “Normal is a stretch for anyone in my family. Then again, maybe we are normal and you are all weird!” hahahaha – don’t we all feel that way about our family!

    What a wonderful feel-good post – such great news after such a horrific accident. Sometimes attitude is everything and your SIL seems to have a lot of it 💕

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    • I know! I got there first and saw the table laid out with china, silverware and centerpiece. I said to her, “it’s us! You don’t have to do this for us!” She shrugged. I’m sure it was as much for her as it was for us but it was lovely.

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