Random 5 for August 8 – Pandemic, restaurants, off the list, gorilla man, cats


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What will you keep from the pandemic? — I thought about that question and for sure take-out. It’s cheaper because you don’t order drinks and it’s quieter at home. You also can take your time. No one is waiting for … Continue reading

Random 5 for March 21, 2021 – Peaceful, smart products, mementos, restaurants, room painting


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Quiet and uneventful, yay! — It’s been a quiet week. No crises, no snowstorm, no bad news. I’ve treasured it. I was able to plod along doing things at my own speed and I love it! Who thought boring would … Continue reading

Random 5 for January 24, 2021 – Moving, spam, transition, pond, boxes


Some excitement – We have been going over to the new house almost every day. We have met all the adjacent neighbors. All seem nice. No spidey sense alarms went off. The next door neighbor has a delightful dog that … Continue reading