It’s been a busy week with family that we haven’t seen since well before the pandemic. The granddaughters grew some but are not towering over me…yet. Soon!

I shared my magic place and we got a great picture (no shut eyes!) in one shot. We celebrated my brother’s upcoming 91st birthday (dang I didn’t get a current picture but he still looks like this one from three years ago).

Doesn’t he look amazing?

Not much else went on this week but there will be a Sasha story on Friday!

50 thoughts on “Family

    • They are about as tall as I am but one growth spurt and they’ll leave me in the dust! Both of my brothers are in their 90s. This one is healthier than the other. He could pass for a 70 year old. (Can you ever imagine saying that was a good thing?)

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  1. Your brother does NOT NOT NOT look like he’s about to turn 91! Love the group shot – and in your Magic Place too….bonus. Getting together with family and friends in person again is so wonderful isn’t it. I’ll find out tomorrow when I visit my 83 year old sister in W. Virginia!!

    Hugs, Pam

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