Random 5 for June 20, 2021 – Solstice, music, traits, masks, Sasha

Happy summer solstice! – It’s happening today! The real start of summer.

Ear worms and other music things – I often wake up with a tune in my head. It never makes sense to me. Most of the time I hadn’t heard the song recently yet there it is. This was a Led Zeppelin week. Three days in a row I woke up with a Zeppelin song in my head. Then we moved on to David Bowie. The weird thing is that I wasn’t a huge fan of either. I prefer a little country in my rock, like the Eagles. My bestie when I was young was a big Zeppelin fan and it made me think of her. I never know who I will wake up with.

Ancestry update – This week I received a notice from my ancestry research company that they had some “results” on traits for me. I took a look. Most noted that I didn’t have any DNA that matched me with the traits they were looking for except one. “You have some DNA differences that are found in elite endurance athletes.” I almost fell on the floor laughing. If ever there was a person who lacked endurance for athletics, it is me!

Mask update – It’s still spotty mask wearing here. The state mandate will end within the next week and has ended for the vaccinated. It seems like most people aren’t sure when they need it so they carry one. It’s like a condom in a teenage boy’s wallet. Never used but always there. Just in case.

Did they leave yet?

Houseguests and a silly cat – We have family here this weekend and our cat Sasha isn’t happy. As friendly as she is with us, she’s not friendly with strangers preferring the under regions of the bed to a comfy sofa. We are hoping that a few days in a row will help but I’m not holding my breath on it.

So how was your week?

68 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 20, 2021 – Solstice, music, traits, masks, Sasha

  1. Face masks: don’t leave home without it. I carry mine around my wrist. Perfect place for walking and not worrying about it, but then when I stop at the grocery store, half the people are wearing one, half aren’t. What to do? I’m months into my vaccination, but still… Two weeks ago I lost my favorite mask when walking through a park. I was heartbroken (it was from Hawaii and lots of coverage but still not too heavy). A week later i walked through the same park, and there was my mask, hanging on a tree branch. THANK you stranger! I reached out for it and am happily reunited with my favorite mask.

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  2. I am so impressed to know that you’re potentially an elite endurance athlete. You don’t suppose those ancestry research companies tell people flattering things that they think people want to hear about themselves, now do you? That’s a hoot.

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  3. Mostly unmasked around our area but we are still masked for food shopping and other indoor shopping. Too many tourists and the variant is a reason to wear a mask. We have had quite a few peeps at the house and no masks with them, all were vaccinated. Just doing what makes us comfortable. Hope you are enjoying your family visitors. I read above that you hadn’t seen Sasha for 6 hours and worried that she could have gotten out. Hope you see her soon, fingers crossed here too.

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  4. We’re a pretty good mixture of masked and unmasked here in our little town……rarely see a mask outside but inside still “some of each”. Hope you’re having fun with your family guests after so long – I’m seeing my sister this week for the first time in over a year and find myself REALLY excited about it. I don’t wake up with a song in my head but I DO wake up with a memory from long ago in my head frequently……not sure what that means but perhaps my old brain is finding memories in dusty corners of my mind and letting me “see” them again.

    Hugs, Pam

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  5. Once again I am wondering if Le Roi is even a cat. We’ve had two lots of guests this week and he had an absolute ball each time, pitter-pattering between them and loving the attention. He even let some of them brush him.

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    • She turned up just as I gave up and was about to put her litter box outside so she could smell her way back. She found a new hidey hole in the basement and she’s staying down there until those ding dang people leave!

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  6. My daughter and SIL were here for two weeks with their cat. They drove all the way from Indiana with the cat. He didn’t cause any trouble, sleeping most of the way. When they arrived at my house, he explored and then settled right in.A few days ago, they moved into their new house, and he’s happy there too. What an easy cat!

    What Ancestry did you send your DNA to? Ancestry.com doesn’t tell us anything about our traits and skill–just who we’re related to and where our ancestors came from. I haven’t been opening their emails lately though.

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  7. We’ve had guests this past week, too, and doesn’t it feel a little strange? Family, so it should be easy, but I am just out of practice. Hope you’ve had a great time. And although the mask mandate is dropped here in California, many people, myself included, aren’t quite ready to forego them entirely. I’m playing with the idea, and at least when I’m out walking and nowhere near another person, I don’t need the mask! Good riddance. 🙂

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    • I haven’t worn a mask when walking because I don’t walk in areas where there are a lot of people. Even in my old neighborhood I was lucky if I saw two on my walk. It’s a weaning off to get to a level of comfort.


  8. State mandate for masks is over but many businesses still say they require them. We don’t wear masks but still carry them…just in case. Love the bit about a teenage boy – clever! Will have to wear one for physician visit next week but wearing one in a physician’s office is always a good thing, especially in flu and cold season. Take care.

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  9. Probably because of all the positives I’ve seen from your posts about your genealogy research, I signed up for Ancestry.com during the shutdown last year. But I found the interface bewildering and I fear I sort of failed. Are you using a different site? I should try and pick that up again. I sometimes dream songs from artists I never really liked either, such as people like Barry Manilow or Anne Murray. It always makes me scratch my head wondering why! – Marty

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    • I use ancestry.com mostly. Familysearch.org is a free site but I had more trouble navigating that site although they may have updated it since I last used it. I have no idea how these songs get in a sleeping head!

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  10. Good luck with cats and company; it is rarely a love fest. My son comes over every once in awhile – increasing visits to once every 3-4 weeks the past several months. Nami remembers him from when he lived at home, and she is eager to greet him and get her pets. Gracie never lived with him. After almost two years, she ran past him and within touching distance his last visit. Didn’t stop, didn’t get petted, but it still felt like progress. I miss my Abyssinian, Pixar, who was very extroverted and friendly; greeted everyone. Well, good luck Sasha! You can out-wait those visitors!

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  11. I almost always wake up with a song in my head too. The songs are random…it’s not like I just heard them the night before…can’t figure this out or what it means (probably nothing, but it does make one wonder…). I laughed about the athleticism gene knowledge….reminded me of when I was in the hospital after the birth of my son…the student nurse took my pulse and asked me if I was an athlete (because I have a naturally slow pulse, I found out then and there). I burst out laughing because my idea of athletics during pregnancy was walking to the store for an ice cream after supper. Happy Solstice!


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  12. Sasha’s not canoodling with guests? What a missed opportunity.

    Nearly spit out my coffee over the condom remark. Mask wearing has ended on the soccer fields, for the most part, but you’re right, I had mine anyway because I wasn’t sure!

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  13. Masks are spotty here as well. I keep reading about the variants and the % of folks that are ‘really’ vaccinated so I keep wearing one when I go inside somewhere. I’m definitely in the minority though, but that doesn’t bother me. 🙂 Hope you had a good family visit.

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  14. Heidi hides under the sofa as well if we have visitors. We are a bit worried that we will all get colds once we stop wearing masks. It will seem strange at first when we can get back to normal.

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    • I’ve been mostly maskless for about two weeks now and no cold. Locally our vaccination rate is over the 70% target and our new cases are very low. For the most part we are still being careful with the handwashing and social distancing.


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