Sassy cats — Stephen Stills said it best

This week I saw something new. Sasha was canoodling with Morgan. Morgan, by nature, is not a canoodling cat. Not with peeps and not with cats. Sasha, on the other hand, loves canoodling — anyone, anywhere, anytime, any position. Poor Gus although lately he’s been making love with my leg and a throw. (Yes he’s neutered but the boy has needs!)

I couldn’t get a good picture as they were “sneaking” around. But I’ll leave you with Stephen and by all means “Love the one you’re with!”

Have a great weekend.

49 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Stephen Stills said it best

  1. Maybe, Sasha and Gus, had a little cat spat and need some time to get over it.
    Have a good time with your guests. Poor kitties, though. They will need extra attention when things get back to normal.

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