Sassy cats – Sasha’s story

All the cats wanted to tell Sasha’s story. The versions are from different viewpoints but I thought Sasha’s version should be first. Some of them think Sasha is a wuss.

Sasha: We had interlopers staying here for a week. They looked scary and were so many. I had to hide. There isn’t a lot of places to hide in this new place but I found one the peep didn’t know about so on the day that everyone was here celebrating something, I retreated to my newfound hidey hole.

The peep kept an eye on all of us to make sure we didn’t get in trouble (or out). She made sure we had food at multiple places in case there was a stranger lurking near our food. All was good but she didn’t know my new spot. I stayed hidden for six hours. The peep was okay for the first few but got a little nuts. Peeps always want to know where you are. Pffft! Not gonna happen.

Just about dinnertime, when I didn’t come out for food, she was obsessed with the concept that I got out of the house. I’m totally indoors only so she feared I wouldn’t know what to do or where to go. Again pffft! There were searches. Some of the strangers searched too. They even got the cat lady neighbor involved. Nope I wouldn’t come out. This was too much fun.

When it was fully dark and the peep was desolate at losing her bestest cat, I popped out to surprise her. She almost smothered me with hugs. She still doesn’t know where the new hidey hole is and I like it like that. BTW I’d never go outside. I have everything I want inside. Food, poop box and adoration.

Gus: I missed you!

Gus’s version: Lots of scary people but if you sat around the perimeter and watched for a while, you got used to them. They gave scritches and played with me. It wasn’t so bad except my bestie wasn’t with me. I would have comforted her and given her head licks. Since I couldn’t do that, I ate her food. It was tasty.

Morgan’s version: So, there was like lotsa peeps here. Scaredy cat Sash hid. Everyone went nuts. I didn’t understand why as I was still there. I am the perfect cat. Just ask anyone who lives here.

Gracie: Crazy Sash!

Gracie’s version: Nutcase Sash got her panties in a bunch and hid. I was too busy to care as there were laps to hop on and feather toys to catch. I like visiting peeps. They keep Sasha away and I get the toys all to myself.

The peep version: Sasha disappeared in the early afternoon which isn’t unusual when there are guests. It’s unusual that I couldn’t find her hiding spot. It was unusual that she didn’t come out for food. That took the stuffings out of my day. My worry-wart ringer was off the charts.

I was convinced she got outside. I searched the grounds every 20 minutes and even stalked the neighbors’ yards. I was on my last outside trip when I saw her in the basement looking out the sliding glass doors. I’m convinced she was laughing at me. She ate a full can of cat food which she said she deserved especially since Gus ate all her food. The rest of the trip was okay as I know her hidey spot is in the beloved husband’s workshop but I still don’t know exactly where. I need to put a GPS tracker on her! Mostly black cats in dark hiding spots are very hard to find.

It was an exhausting several days for Sasha but now she’s back to normal and resting up in her favorite spots.

69 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Sasha’s story

  1. Goodness me! Le Roi also did this once, although not because of visitors. Just for fun. We still don’t know where his hiding place was, and I don’t imagine you will ever find out. 😱

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  2. I hope you eventually find out where Sasha went to hide! She is clever to keep that information to herself. I would imagine the cats are very happy to have their two favorite peeps all to themselves again. Have a restful weekend, Kate, if you can!

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    • I’m hoping. Most of the time the door to get in there is closed off. With all the company and showing it off, it was open most of the day. Then I suspected she might be in there and kept it open on purpose.

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  3. Sasha just likes to keep things interesting! Don’t you hate it when you can’t find their hiding spot? When we start our remodel, I’m going to have to figure out all the spots in advance so I don’t go searching the neighborhood (which I have also done before). Glad she turned up, laughing at you.

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    • They are all good at hiding but I know their spots. I still don’t know where this new spot is as the workshop door is almost always closed. No house guests planned so maybe she’ll settle down…until next time!


    • The other three cats are social and enjoyed the attention. Sash just isn’t used to people. She was like that as a kitten and hasn’t changed. With us she’s all over the place, even crawling in our laps. With guests it’s usually under the bed.

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  4. Loved hearing the other cats’ take on the Sasha Disappearance Event. Sasha probably enjoyed not just the peace and quiet but knowing everyone was looking for her and she had a special NEW hidey spot! I can’t count the number of times hubby and I have searched all three floors of this danged house looking for Teddy thinking he’d somehow escaped in spite of our best efforts. He’s only allowed out with one or both of us! He has a million hidey spots and it takes us a good 15-20 minutes to check them all when we haven’t seen him by bedtime. They are such SNEAKS……..but that’s part of their CHARM ! LOL

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Gracie is the “owner” of the feather toy but Sasha will take it and run with it to another room. Gracie is not a fan. Whenever she plays she checks around to see if Sasha is nearby.


  5. It is a treat in this post to hear (read) the voices of the Sassy Cats! Now Sasha… Sasha was determined to live in her own bubble (basement) until all the flurry of peeps and loud things peeps do was done and over. I get her… I like to live in my own bubble when guests are in the house. Peeps make my intestines rebel. Glad she didn’t have that issue. Kate, now you can take a deep breath and just chill. All the catkids are accounted for and peace has bee restored in Sassy Cat Land. Glad you had a great visit despite the cat drama.

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    • With cats, there is always some drama going on. Sasha spent significant time under my bed and I’m not sure when she transitioned to the basement but she had to as the litter boxes were down there. It’s a good spot with a cat tree and sliding doors so it’s not dark and dingy.


  6. Oh my!!! Sasha is just way too skilled at hiding, the little stinker. I can imagine how stressful that was…glad all turned out ok. Lock her in a bathroom the next time you have guests!!

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    • The guests were here for almost a week. That’s a long time for a bath lockup. The basement is a nice place with sliding doors and a cat tree so I figured she’d hang out there. There is still some construction going on with the workshop so she found herself a “safe” hidey hole. She is a stinker. She’s not the kind of cat that tries to get out so that was a long shot but as the hours went on and she didn’t come out for her beloved dinner…..


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