Sassy cats — More cats in the family

My niece is a kind person. In her neighborhood there is a hussy female cat who has kittens regularly. She is not a dumb cat. She drops them off at my niece’s deck which opens into a full scale cat resort and goes back to the cantina to pick up a new boy friend. Last fall she saw this at her back door.

After a feeding and some head scratches, the next day she saw this!

Yes, this is where the nice crazy cat lady lives.

So now there are seven residents at the cat spa. Gotta love the “cat gene” that runs in my family.

61 thoughts on “Sassy cats — More cats in the family

  1. Yes, she has a good soul! These little darlings get bigger and and have appetites! We are spending quite a bit on just our one stray! 🙂 They are so adorable, though, aren’t they? I think word is definitely on the street that your niece has a soft and heart and won’t turn them away!

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  2. Adorable kitties. Is there any way she can trap that female and have her spay, then set her loose again? Some states have counties that offer low fees (or free) to help with the feral population.

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  3. So very cute! If I lived alone, I’d probably be a crazy cat lady. I know I wouldn’t be able to say no to those little faces. I hope hussy mommy can be trapped and fixed… it’s probably not great for her poor little body to be constantly pregnant or nursing… or with some stud getting pregnant again.

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  4. Definitely that mother cat needs to be trapped and spayed. In NJ, there is a push for this. Many rescue groups will help. So lovely that you have a lot of kind hearts in your family!

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  5. Wonder if she could trap the mama and get her fixed? I once took kittens to the shelter. They were full and wouldn’t take them. I took them to a pet store where I knew the owner. I went back and bought one of the kittens I gave them the day before. I bought another carrier, and all the kitten stuff I thought I’d want. I took the kitten to the vet. When I found out it was clear of anything our old girl could catch, I tried to introduce her to the family. My 15 year old cat, who had always been a singlteon quit eating. I found a new home for BooHoo. I didn’t know back then that you could, or what a clipped ear meant, but I wished I’d trapped the skinny, young limping, wild mama cat and had her fixed.

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    • TNR is active here too but there are some cats that are too smart to be trapped. Often wonder if it belongs to someone and yes there are irresponsible pet owners who don’t neuter and allow their pets free access.

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    • Several years ago, a slightly older but still kitten ended up in my back yard. He came to me when I called so I took him inside. Got him to the vet and started networking. Someone adopted him within 36 hours but it was still too long (or I connect with cats fast). I was a little heartbroken and often think of him. I saw a friend of the adopter. She told me that she saw him law week and he’s had a very good life. Still, I’m a complete foster fail person.

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      • I understand completely. All four of our cats are back yard adoptions – that is, they wandered in and we invited them to stay. I dread the day number five appears when I will have to test my resolution of “no more.”

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        • You can always find them a home. The one that wondered in was too small to stay outdoors overnight. We have foxes so I had to take it in for safety reasons. I emailed all my friends before I got attached but it was still hard giving him up.

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