Random 5 for May 19 – Junk mail, cost, cameras, health, makeup

Bleeding hearts from my garden!

Hello Steven? – I keep getting post office mail for Steven. This past week I got an email for him. He is missing some great deals. Twofers. Huge discounts. He probably won the Publishers Clearing House drawing. I have no idea who he is so I can’t pass them on. If you are Steven, stop using my contact info! #bigdealsforSteven

This doesn’t make sense! – This past week I was experimenting with a new recipe for pulled pork. It called for a honey glaze in the slow cooker. I needed a piece of pork shoulder so I went to our local grocery store. A standard pork shoulder was $10. One half the size was $10. What’s wrong with this picture? #marketingstrategy

Coveting – A blogger I follow bought a new camera and took some great photos of her cats. She got all those shots I want but rarely get. She can do a rapid fire 8 shots at a time capturing action. My camera can do that sort of but my pictures never get quite like hers. I have a bad case of camera envy but I can guarantee that if I bought her camera my shots still would not look like hers. (If you are interested in seeing her post you can access it here. The blogger is Three Chatty Cats and the junior associates.) #usererror

It always happens – I had my annual wellness exam. All went well. The doc was on time, answered my questions and found nothing concerning. We talked about things like balance and the need to stay active in both body and mind. All good. About two days later an old affliction flared. If it still bothers me in another week or so, I’ll go back. Whenever I think I have doc appointments behind me, something comes up. It may not even be with me. At a certain age, doc appointments are a way of life. #agingsucksbutbetterthanthealternative

No yellow please! – Since retirement, I rarely wear makeup. Never for hanging around the house. I prefer my skin to breathe. When I go out, I use a little (so I don’t scare people). I decided to get something that is a lighter weight than the clown paint I have. I had a tech color check me at our big cosmetic store. The last time I did that they came up with a yellow undertone which I don’t have. I always felt like I had an orange tinge that had to be blended, blended, blended (or I’d look like a politician!). The tech listened to me and tried a few things. She agreed I did not have a yellow undertone. She suggested something new and I like it. The good news is that it comes in a smaller bottle with a smaller price tag. (Makeup lasts a long time for me.) Cheaper, no orange, win-win. On a side note, her makeup was perfect. No garish eye shadow or heavy eye makeup. That’s what I like to look for when I seek help. No point in getting a clown face to pick out makeup. #nomoreclownface

So how was your day?

77 thoughts on “Random 5 for May 19 – Junk mail, cost, cameras, health, makeup

  1. (Not so) Funny how small amounts cost more/same as a full sized product – milk is that way. We don’t use much milk – but the prices between pints/ half gallons /gallon sizes are stupid. I hate to not use food, but paying more for a pint just so I can have a splash in coffee seems ridiculous…so I have to rush not to let it spoil in the icebox.
    Land is like that too in rural areas – small tracts sell for more per acre – those sell to “city folks” who want a weekend place and can afford it…so they say.
    One thing about getting older – too much makeup ages you more. I found a tinted sunblock a few years ago and it’s great – no yellow, no orange, no turning red in our summer’s heat( a real problem for me).
    At this point attitude and feeling comfortable will carry off whatever I need to do in public (expect at the makeup counter – gads, those faces there – if you don’t color up like them, they feel you are worth their time)

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  2. We keep getting holiday offers for Mike and letters from an optician for Dave. We’ve ‘returned to sender’ loads of times. We wouldn’t use that optician because he doesn’t seem to be able to read that he has the wrong address for Dave! 😀

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  3. Your mail for Steven is curious. Only within the last week, we started to receive mail for someone named Alma at our address. It’s always pre-paid credit cards that need to be registered and money added by someone (not me!). I know it must be some scam because in the two years we’ve lived here I’ve gotten to recognize the names of anyone who lived here prior, and Alma definitely did not. In the trash they go. – Marty

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  4. i’m glad your annual physical went well, but sorry there’s more to follow up on! I think that we are definitely in a stage of life when going to the doctor could open Pandora’s Box! Finding the right makeup can take some years off, though, so I think your week was balanced. 🙂

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  5. Would love to see the cat pics! On the makeup, I just buy the cheap stuff and use so little I end up throwing away most of it after a few years, especially the eye makeup because it bugs me to wear it with my dry eyes. I have a red blob on my cheek and blotchiness from too much sun. I bought a brand, forget which one, but said it was supposed to change to match your tone… it turned gray. Guess it thought I was dead. I’m not getting emails yet, but I am getting telemarketers about the property I supposedly have for sale. I’ll be glad when our appliances repairs are done and I can turn my ringer back to silent except for the people in my contacts. Shouldn’t do with a business line but I can’t get any work done if I answer every robocall.

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  6. How in the world do you become Stephen? That’s a mystery which would bother me.

    I wear little make-up and don’t trust the ‘experts’ in Ulta or Sephora to not make me look like a clown. You’re lucky. You found the one person who actually knows how to choose flattering colors. So what’d you buy?

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  7. My neighbor and I sometimes went on jaunts to the park with our cameras.
    I say jaunts as she had COPD and had a tough time walking a few steps and I felt badly if she drove, to just leave and walk and view the sights. She’d say “no, it’s fine” … but I’d stay put in the passenger side. We both had our digital compact cameras, we both aimed at the same things. We’d exchange photos later in the day … hers looked great, mine were specks.
    I said “why” … it was my first digital camera and I wanted to know what I was doing wrong. Turned out she had a 12X zoom camera and I had a 4X zoom camera. So I wrote a post that I had “Zoom Envy” and needed to have more zoom as my subjects looked like dots. So I got a 12X and now they have 24X digital compacts … the grass is always greener as they say.

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  8. I was typing, and everything went off the screen. Didn’t know my fingers were so powerful.

    Now to your post. I enjoyed all the points, but I laughed at the makeup. “Why would you use a clown face to pick out makeup?” I went to a counter in a department store to get advice when I was a teen. Haven’t been back since. Maybe the person was helpful, but I felt they just wanted me to spend money. I’ll bet you could buy a good hamburger with all the money I spent on makeup over the years. One daughter now gives me her unwanted makeup once a year, probably feeling she has beautified the earth a tiny bit. I’m glad you know how to use makeup judiciously.

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    • I wore it faithfully all the years I worked. The whole spiel — eyeliner, shadow, mascara, foundation, blush. I bet I spent a lot of time I’ll never get back but it made me feel pretty! Oddly enough lipstick, which a lot of women who don’t wear makeup use, is something I don’t like. Early on when I was a teenager, it would make me break out around the lips so I’d put it on in the morning and never “freshen up.” Still don’t although for a different reason. I don’t break out around my lips anymore but there’s all these wrinkles.

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  9. Finding the right make-up seems to get harder as I get older. I spent too many hours in the Texas sun to go without some light make-up and admire those ladies with great skin who look great without it. It is still fun to play with make-up so I won’t just fade away. As someone mentioned, there are some instructive videos on YouTube for mature women.

    I hope your little problem goes away so you don’t have to make another trip to the doctor’s office.

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  10. I still love playing with makeup but don’t wear it every day. Splurged on a new eyeshadow palette on Friday, then got home and gave myself a stern talking to about how silly it was to still be doing this at my age. But Saturday I tried out the palette and really loved it, so there’s that.
    I think it’s important, if you like to wear makeup, to keep up with the latest techniques. I have learned so much from YouTube makeup artists on how to apply it better – important to know when trying to avoid the dreaded “Clown Face”! LOL!

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  11. Your pork pieces remind me of cheese. I can buy 890g of mature cheddar for around £4 ($6?) but it does not grate well and sticks to the grater like a slice of rubber. So in an alternative supermarket, I could get 890g of mature cheddar for about the same price and it grates lovely. Ah, nearly got caught as the £3.90 piece only weighs 650g now. So I looked at the branded cheeses. Loads of special offers. I liked this: a twin pack total weight 700g for £4 . Above it, single 350g packs for £2. Below it, same brand as the double pack, 350g for £4.
    Makeup: haven’t worn makeup for years, probably since the night I met Hubby 30 odd years ago.
    Have a good week Kate 🙂

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  12. Cameras are funny. In my experience, it’s all about the right lighting. When the light is right, I can get some decent photos of our hummingbirds with my $88 Cannon Sure Shot. My father has an expensive phone and he rarely gets a good shot. Enjoy your Sunday. I hope it doesn’t get too stormy up your way.

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  13. Pulled pork sounds delicious for dinner today! I can’t get used to Doc appointments as a way of life… ugh. I hope your old affliction leaves posthaste. I am pretty much hooked on bareMinerals makeup but I can’t help but ask what you found… 🙂 Bleeding Hearts… good weather has found you.

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  14. at least one day a week we get only junk mail in the mail – flyers, mail for people I don’t know or perhaps friends or kids of someone who did. It’s weird how regular it is.

    I like IT Cosmetics makeup – a little goes a long ways and it comes with 50SPF in it. My only gripe is that the tube is hard to get the last few drops out of (it’s a pump tube). I’ve cut the end off before and kept it wrapped in plastic wrap to get the last bits out. at $45 a tube, that’s worth going after! I don’t wear any makeup at home either – my face thanks me 🙂


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    • I am very medication resistant. For years my old doc wanted me on a statin because my cholesterol was “close to” not at 200. Now the thinking has changed and they don’t put people on it because of that. That is EXACTLY why I’m resistant. Something that’s good for you today is not good for you next year. My doc doesn’t want people taking the baby aspirin unless they have issues or high BP. My husband takes it and he bleeds like crazy whenever he gets a puncture wound.

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  15. All my makeup is so old, I think I need to do the makeover things as well. Options in LA are endless, but daunting. I don’t even know where to start.

    I get Steven’s email. “Conservative Intel” is the subject line of one. Emails from Mitch McConnell telling me how Trump is our only hope and Pelosi is the devil.

    Steven sounds like a hateful jerk.

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    • Obviously! You could try Sephora or Ulta. Locally both have some great people doing makeovers although a few years back I needed new eye makeup. The person who helped me had eye makeup I hated — heavy and…umm…colorful for daytime. Didn’t like anything she picked out and put on me.


  16. Yesterday I wore makeup for the first time in YEARS (for a photo). I was surprised how much harder it is to put makeup on crepe-y skin!

    Your bleeding hearts are pretty. I first saw the flower when I was tiny (4 years old, maybe). My grandmother in Oklahoma grew them in her garden. I loved how they dangled and how each bud had a sculptural presence which, at the time, I couldn’t put words to, but I did notice how they were different from other flowers.

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  17. I’d love to know the blogger who did great cat photos…always love looking at other’s pictures! I haven’t worn makeup in years, in or out of the house. If my face scares folks, that’s just tough!

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    • I love your attitude. You do great pictures (and spurred my last camera purchase. I tried to find a link to the post but couldn’t. She had bought a Nikon D7500 DSLR and took a series of rapid shots. I think you can do that with your camera which may be similar or better. The rapid shots of the cats allows you to get clear pictures of tongue licks and funny faces!


  18. I so get the idea that sometimes idiots are pricing items! Recently, I needed eggs, and a dozen of eggs was $1.47 (medium-sized). However, there was a special that, if you bought 2 dozen they were only $0.64 each! So, for $1.28, I got two dozen and passed on to a friend! I went back two weeks later needing eggs again – same size was now $1.57 a dozen, but there was the same special of 2 for $0.64 per dozen!

    Good luck with the makeup – when I do wear it, which is very seldom, it’s just eye shadow and mascara. I perspire too easily (often times, for no reason) and I fear running and caking makeup if I do the full face.

    And yes, aging sucks! It needs to come with an instruction book! I’m 62, and when I get a twinge or a pain of some kind, I always wonder if it’s an age thing or a medical issue that needs attention. I’m too embarrassed by my lack of not knowing to ask anyone, though! I don’t want to appear to be a hypochondriac!

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