More gym stories

New gym is a time capsule. It’s one of the few places where mullets don’t encourage laughing and any kind of clothing goes. We are moving into summer here so there is eau de Campbell’s vegetable soup in the air. For atmosphere. Maybe they pipe it in so we all feel we are working hard.

There isn’t much social interaction. It’s mostly retired folks at the time I go. That’s OK with me. I’m there to justify a morning mocha latte. The big size! Maybe the lemon cake too.

Even with that philosophy, I’ve made a few (very few) friends there. This past week I chatted with the cleaning lady.

I love the invisible people. They are service people who do the grunt work – wait staff, janitorial folks, grounds people, anyone who helps out. People don’t stop talking when they come around to do their job whether it’s fill your water glass or wash the floors. You continue to chatter about your latest exploits no matter how illegal or immoral they are. You forget there are people hearing these things. (And you worry about internet security!)

They always have the best stories. Some are students and some are retired from other professions. They work part-time to get out or for a little spending money. A job that has no stress or responsibility. Some very amazing people do this.

I don’t know this person’s background but she sure had the stories. It all started when she walked into the men’s locker rooms. She yelled cleaning and continued to walk in. When she came out, I asked if that was all you had to do to go in there (not that I would want to but I was intrigued). She laughed.

Then she shared a few stories. There is one person who takes selfies of himself in his underwear in the mirror. This is a younger person not a retiree (that would be gross!). She said he primps and poses oblivious of her. (Cameras are not allowed in the gym. Many of us are pre-coffee and between looking our worst and being at our meanest, it’s a volatile situation!)

She had a guy come out of the shower with a towel wrapped around himself. He was angry and peppered her with obscenities. She said, “I’ll wait until you’re done. Stop yelling!” She has no way of knowing who is in there and our small gym does not have his and hers cleaners.

She said the night cleaning person is a guy. Hmmm…I wonder what his stories are like. Maybe I should drop in.


46 thoughts on “More gym stories

  1. You’re so dedicated to your gym routine, I’m glad that some social interaction has been possible. I feel compassion for the “behind the scenes” employees in any public outlet. I wouldn’t want to do anything that has me “forced” to be pleasant with grumpy and often nasty people! It’s nice you can be a good listener. It gives her support, and you walk away with some good stories. 🙂

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  2. You are so right about the ‘invisible’ people. I learned early in my career that they are worth knowing. The maintenance guy in our office before I retired was himself a retiree, from IBM. He was interesting, funny, and oh-so helpful. He was one of my favourite people in the office and I still miss him.

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  3. Great stuff. Maybe the two of you should collaborate on a book. I know my son was taking mirror selfies as he was losing weight. Motivation for himself, but he did it at home in his own bathroom mirror.

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  4. She sounds like a real character and I bet she is very wise. I am still very impressed that you make it to the gym, I can barely drag myself to the treadmill. I think you go to the gym because you are truly intrigued by all the stuff that goes on there… and the trade off for the mocha latte!

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    • We have a treadmill in the house that I never use. Going to the gym is a little more interesting. People, different equipment, Starbucks. I need real distractions to get me to exercise.


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