Sassy cats — Photo bombing Sasha

Sasha likes to be where the action is. Unfortunately when she photobombs my shots, the focus is completely off. Poor Gracie. Another blurred shot.
She is an equal opportunity photo spoiler. I was trying to get a shot of Morgan but she wasn’t having any of it!

Just to make sure you don’t forget that Mollie is the “real” model in the family. Here is one of my current favs of her in a sexy pose!

Mollie: Dang! It’s so hard to work without that little whippersnapper interfering! Do you notice my sexy paw curl?


47 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Photo bombing Sasha

  1. Mollie’s look is just adorable!!
    LOL at Sasha being a photo bomber, but hey she is awfully cute, she is just letting you know! Guess you need to try to do a private photo shoot of Mollie! 🙂

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  2. Sasha knows who is the star at the Sassy Cat 5 star resort! Too funny her getting in the middle of all your shots. Mollie is oblivious and doing what she does best, looking bootiful! Good luck with the picture taking, Kate… gonna be a challenge with busy Sasha! Enjoy the weekend and wishing you good weather!

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    • Thanks! Perfect weather predicted. Mollie is the alpha at 7 pounds but she’s getting old. She rarely goes out on the porch these days preferring the big comfy bed upstairs. Sasha does wonderful poses but refuses to hold them until I get the camera on.


    • Obviously Sasha had a dirty spot on her forehead that needed to be cleaned! Heart, yep. That’s good because it helps up overlook those “other” things they do that make us crazy!


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