Surviving the invasion

The granddaughters have left the building. Peace and quiet reigns. There is a price to pay for that though. They took a slice of joy with them as they continue on their journey.

As I have said in a previous post (see here), we don’t really get to see them often. In the last year they have grown and gotten really smart. Their conversation is intelligent and they are quick to point out the obvious. Like, “Grammy Kate, you burned the cookies that were on the bottom pan in the oven.”

They were quieter and better behaved than beagle puppies and also very helpful. Their energy was boundless (and mine seemed to gone somewhere else!). I had 3 naps while they had none.

In preparing for the visit, I had no idea what would be a hit and what wouldn’t. Cookie baking was just okay. There was coloring and pumpkin picking and decorating that all worked out well.

The big hit was a large-scale amusement park. There were rides for younger kids their age — like a kiddie rollercoaster and small-scale big people rides.

This prepped them to try some adult rides. They went on the Wild Mouse which is a fast coaster that makes me barfy. This was their first trip to a park at an age that they could remember. It was exciting for me to see their expressions as they whipped around on the rides alternating between fright and exhilaration. Because of the distance, we don’t get to see them experience things for the first time.

They ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a box of Clementine oranges and 3 pounds of grapes (they were only here three days). Definitely big fruit eaters.

Sometimes I wasn’t sure I was going to make it and then bam! They were gone, along with that slice of joy. What they left behind is a box of chicken nuggets, kid yogurt and some warm memories for their grandparents. I even think the cats miss them.

23 thoughts on “Surviving the invasion

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  2. They really grabbed you, didn’t they! I know that feeling of being “all consumed” and then suddenly it’s dead quiet! No transitioning. You are so clever to define them as a “slice of joy.” That’s just a perfect description! I hope the time between visits might not be quite as long this time. They are adorable. Debra


  3. So glad you finally got bitten by the grammy bug!! Your blog warmed my heart! As a 6-time MiMi I know the joy the grandkids bring. Welcome to our world!


  4. I love the way kids dress in the brightest clothes. It such an expression of who they are – the boundless energy and unadulterated joy. Grandkids are the best invention ever.


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