Lunch with friends

This post is dedicated to Bettie and Sharon!

There is nothing more uplifting than having lunch with some long-time girlfriends. If they’ve been your friend for a while, they know who you are. Enough said!

Yesterday I had lunch with two old friends, at least sort of. One of the friends (Friend #2) didn’t show up until five minutes before we left. Sounds rude, doesn’t it? Well, the rudeness was on my part. I gave her the wrong time. While my other friend and I were waiting for her, we assumed she went to the usual place we have lunch (we had tried a new place). We laughed because any of the three of us could have done that.

However, when she got there she pointed out that my email said 1:15 instead of 12:15. I am not sure how I did that but I did. I owe her lunch!

In the course of the conversation Friend #1 compared me to one of her other friends that I don’t know – “She’s vain, just like you!” It came out so smooth and silky that I spit out my drink laughing. She tried to soothe me by saying that she was vain too. This is true. We have spent time commiserating on the negative aspects of our various aging body parts and conjuring up possible solutions which of course don’t work.

Friend #2 lost her partner last year. We worried about her as she had spent the last few years caring for him. Ha! Now we envy her! She’s going to the beach this weekend yet again. Her friend’s daughter has a beach house and I swear she has spent more time there than in her condo (that’s all a good thing).

Friend #1 is still working so we discussed a shopping trip. While #2 and I don’t need anything that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy fondling shoes and trying on prom dresses even if we don’t purchase anything. Besides, it’s always a hilarious time rewarded with a great lunch.

We get so easily distracted when together that on one occasion on our way to a local outlet mall, we missed a turn and didn’t even notice until we were halfway across the state. That is the power of good conversation.

These are great friends. They don’t miss anything. They know when you are up and when you are down. They provide sanity when you need it and insanity when it’s appropriate. We have watched each other go through many things – breast cancer (two of us), death of a loved one (parents and partners), combustible family situations (lots of these!) and somehow always know how to support each other.

Maybe the key is that there is no judgment and when all else fails we focus on skinny jeans.



18 thoughts on “Lunch with friends

  1. I have two friends that I treasure. I have hoped for years for a sister friend, the kind you can say and do anything with, including laughing in the movie theater till you worry if you are disturbing others. We have a lot in common and they are in deed a treasure!! Love your blog,


    • They are hard to find. Sometimes you think you found one, then circumstances change and you find that they were really neighborhood friends or work friends. It’s so rare to be able to sustain friends for 20 years!


  2. Hanging out with good friends is always a good time. Kate, I’m glad you enjoyed your lunch.
    I enjoy your stories about family, friends and your work in HR, and have nominated you for The Lovely Blogger Award. You can see the details on my blog.


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