Sassy cats – Cat food changes and finicky eaters


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You are stuck with the peep today. Gracie is at the casino and Sasha and Gus are canoodling. I have no idea where Morgan is. Probably sleeping on my mahjongg tiles (one of her new favorite spots). The feeding schedule … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Gracie’s food issues rear again


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Gracie has always been a finicky eater. (What cat isn’t…except for Hoover cat Hazel?) The past two weeks have been a roller coaster ride. Yet again. She stopped eating wet cat food completely. Nothing suited her. I routinely carry six … Continue reading

Sassy Cats – Another shelter run


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I have donations for the animal shelter and we know what happens when I walk in there. It’s another bunch of towels and dry cat food. Jake is the cat that keeps on giving. Prior to his passing, I doted … Continue reading