Sassy cats – Gracie’s food issues rear again

Gracie: Where is dinner?

Gracie has always been a finicky eater. (What cat isn’t…except for Hoover cat Hazel?) The past two weeks have been a roller coaster ride. Yet again.

She stopped eating wet cat food completely. Nothing suited her. I routinely carry six different flavors of various brands. Nada. She wasn’t having any of it.

The vet prefers she eat wet. She gets crystals in her urine and she needs enough water. Cats do what they want. They are not into health decisions. They go by smell and what they are in the mood for. Eau de mousie!

She will be here two years in January. We are passed the honeymoon stage. After offering some choice, I gave up. There was kibble if she got hungry. (For the record her Buddha belly did not change during this episode.)

That doesn’t mean I didn’t worry. Or feel sad. Or guilty. After punishing me for ten days, she started eating again. Only her old favorite. None of the healthy stuff. (She does a stink eye when I mention the word healthy!)

All is good here but next time I want a normal cat. Grateful would be good too. Is there such a thing?

Here is Gracie (in front) noshing while Morgan looks out the window.

56 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Gracie’s food issues rear again

    • She’s going to the vet soon for shots so we’ll have the discussion but she’s a cat. As long as it’s not her teeth (and I don’t think it is) we’ll never know. Maybe the changing weather.


  1. I think that next time you’d do well to get a written agreement from any cats coming into your home. They should be prepared to show gratitude and a great deal more cooperation. A paw print should do for a signature!

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  2. Sounds like my friend Carol’s cats – one day they like one brand of wet food, or kibble, then its raw food, the next day they turn their nose up at all of it. All three of them are like that. She claims she gets more cooperation from the ferals. 🙂

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  3. Annie needs extra fluids, too. She loves Libby’s 100% canned pumpkin. Leah was told about this a few years ago (I didn’t get Annie till a year ago this summer–she’s around 8-9 years old). I had no idea cats would eat pumpkin puree! I give her a heaping teaspoon either alongside her canned food or mix it in–probably every other day or so. Come to find out a few canned foods actually have pumpkin in them. Their other cat, Sammy, ate the pumpkin, too. Have you ever tried it?

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    • None of my cats will eat it. Nor will they eat yogurt, baby food or any of the wonderfully stinky food toppers they make. Hazel will eat a very little rice mixed in with her food but very little. Now the vet says that rice isn’t good for cats. Gracie is back to eating the regular cat food and since she didn’t lose any weight, I’m not worrying about it too much. It just makes me crazy.


    • Usually wet cat food has less calories. My vet wants Hazel on wet completely although come to think of it, after the first few pounds she hasn’t lost anymore. Still chubby. She tells me it’s her bone structure! Gracie goes through fits. Right now she is eating wet cat food as if she was starved on an island for 2 weeks. Weirdo.

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        • 14 is a long time. The average life of a stray is 2 years to maybe 5. I never think of you as a pet person but that’s because you haven’t had one since I know you. We always had pets both when I was a kid and then I had them when I moved out. When I was a child we had a dog that lived to be 18. He mostly lived outside but he was a scrapper. Everyone loved him.


          • John’s family had no pets. His dad was a pediatrician back in the day of house calls. A child needed a shot, and the parents assured him the dog was not in the room. Dr. M. jabbed the boy with the needle, crying ensued, and the dog under the bed bit the good doctor. The needle broke off under the skin, and the child had to be taken to the hospital to have it removed. In that household, you were not allowed to THINK of wanting a pet.

            We had been married for three years when John saw a sign for free kittens, and that’s when we brought Thor home. I came from a dog-owning family, so having a cat never entered my head. We enjoyed that first cat and the others that came later.

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  4. I’m glad she’s eating again. I know how scary it can be when our pets won’t eat. It does feel like they’re punishing us because we worry so much.

    Max has been throwing up acid since Tuesday. Have had to get up in the middle of the night with him. He tells us when he has to be sick so we can let him out. I’ve had little sleep. He’s had this happen before, and it eventually cleared up, but I’m worried and hate seeing him hurting. I can tell the acid is burning his stomach. He already gets acid reflux meds from past issues. If it doesn’t clear up soon, back to the vet we go. 😦

    Hope Gracie stays eating. Have a nice weekend.

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    • That’s true. Morgan is as close to perfect as they come. She got another mouse last night. We didn’t even know one came in. She gets them early, leaves them neatly dead at the bottom of the basement steps. It’s only missing a bow.

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  5. Oh my! I am glad she is eating now and hopefully you won’t see her “stink eye” for awhile!
    As far as a normal pet goes, I would suggest that the only way you would get that is if you had fish. 🙂 And they can’t keep your feet warm. 🙂

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