Sassy cats – Cat food changes and finicky eaters

You are stuck with the peep today. Gracie is at the casino and Sasha and Gus are canoodling. I have no idea where Morgan is. Probably sleeping on my mahjongg tiles (one of her new favorite spots).

Morgan: I’m not on the mahjongg tiles! The sun puddle was calling!

The feeding schedule is all kafluey. Gracie continues to be finicky and mostly eats rotisserie chicken (which is a lot of work for me). Sasha (the chubster) isn’t eating much, preferring treats (which are restricted because of her weight) to any cat food. She will clean up Morgan’s plate (but not her own).

Someone told me that the recipe for the Fancy Feast foods has changed, supposedly for the healthier, removing dyes and unnecessary ingredients. They must have also taken out some yummy flavoring because my cats are not thrilled with it. (Or maybe my cats love dyes and additives!) Much of it goes uneaten. It’s perplexing as Sasha has always been a very good eater. Too good!  All of this happens after I have stockpiled six cases!

Gracie napping after a siren check. So exhausting!

This past week Gracie has learned that if she yodels in the narrow laundry room it echoes loudly, making the peeps come running. She doesn’t want anything. It’s just a periodic siren check to make sure we respond. Gotta love cats.

Gus’s sun puddle moved!

We all wish you a great weekend!

51 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Cat food changes and finicky eaters

  1. The cats here can be finicky eaters with dry food but food from cans…another story. Maybe that’s because they only get that food a couple of times a week.
    Teddy and Jack love sun puddle naps Sophie not so much. She is a bit different from other cats. Almost dog like in some respects.

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  2. They look so content in their sunspots! Puts a smile on my face, too. The last several months of Zena’s life I was hand feeding her rotisserie chicken. That was her only food, and it was a bit of a chore. All I can say is we sure do miss her. I would gladly return to the inconvenience, but isn’t that always the way with our pets. Some of their habits are so frustrating, but when they’re gone, we miss it all! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

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  3. Every time Teddy expresses a REAL interest in one particular kind of food and I purchase a LOT of it he seems to change his mind and loses interest (while my wallet loses a lot of money). Somehow they just KNOW – cats have a rep to live up to….being “finicky”…..some of them are really GOOD at that. I’ve donated a lot of food to the shelter thanks to Teddy’s “finicky” ! So far he has NO interest in people food of any kind. I may draw the line if he decides he wants t-bone steak and a baked potato every night though! LOL

    Hugs, Pam

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    • I usually don’t keep big inventories but the supply chain issues (or maybe it’s the bird flu) that is affecting the availability of their favorite (or former favorite) cat food. I can’t get their favorite kibble anywhere. They are less finicky about that. With this week’s delivery I have a stock of 12 cases. They dang well better get over this finicky thing (although a friend offered to buy any I needed to get rid of). I, too, have donated a lot over the years. Unliked cat food and towels. Those are my super powers.


  4. Cats are a puzzle when it comes to food. It took a long time with Scout to figure out what she liked when I adopted her. First it was whiskas pate, then I made the mistake of giving her the gravy and now that’s all she likes. We also went through all the flavors and found out she only likes the fish. I’m waiting, any day she could change and only want chicken or beef. Cute photos, I like the look you’re getting from Morgan:)

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    • Only Gus will eat seafood although tuna juice is a big hit with all. When I adopted Gracie, the rescue gave me a few cans of the foods she likes. It was all Friskies. Nope, nope, nope. Wouldn’t eat any of it here. I think with her bad teeth, eating wasn’t a fun thing. She is eating better after her dental until just a few days ago. She’s even backing off of the rotisserie chicken. Maybe she just isn’t feeling good.

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    • I have Mirataz which I was given for Mollie but I haven’t given it to Gracie. She has been having major hair ball issues the last 2 weeks. That may be part of what’s going on. Her annual is coming up.


    • I’ve donated over the years but it’s never been quite like this. Partly because I have an “inventory” and partly because they are all weird except Gus. Well, Morgan is eating so maybe it’s only Sasha and Gracie. I’m hoping it all blows over at least to some degree. I can’t keep doing the rotisserie chicken thing either.

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  5. Well, that explains that. Zoe is not happy with any of her favorite foods – including Pro Plan completes which are higher priced versions of Fancy Feast. Although, sometimes all it takes is transferring her favorite bowl to her favorite chair. Food brought to her majesty has more value that food on the cat placemat.

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  6. Over the years we’ve donated CASES of cat food to animal shelters b/c a favorite food got rejected by finicky felines!

    “No. I’m not going to eat THAT. And you can’t make me!”
    “You used to like it. No, you used to LOVE it.”

    Finicky Feline licking paws with practiced nonchalance laughs. “Consistency is over-rated. If you want Same Old Same Old and blind obedience . . . get a dog!”

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    • That is true. Normally I don’t stock anything because of their finicky ways but cat food has been touchy. Somethings you can’t get for a few months. Right now I can’t get their favorite kibble. The new kibble (which they liked for 2 months) was only available in a mega bag so guess what? Yep, they are not so sure they like it. They need to use Grubhub. I’m retiring from this.


  7. Oh my…these ones keep you hopping. Have you tried warming the food slightly in the microwave? Stronger smells are appealing to cats. My cats read here that you give treats and they are lobbying to come live with you. No treats in this house!!

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    • I never did treats because Hazel was so overweight. Then Morgan broke her leg. I caved and gave her treats sparingly but Gus and Sasha jumped on that bandwagon. Right now I am weaning them off. Sasha is the worst. I think she’d rather have treats than dinner. I’m afraid to weigh her. She’s a big floofball. Don’t want another diabetic cat.


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