Sassy Cats – Another shelter run



I have donations for the animal shelter and we know what happens when I walk in there.

It’s another bunch of towels and dry cat food.

Jake is the cat that keeps on giving. Prior to his passing, I doted on his likes and dislikes when I bought cat food because it was paramount that he ate.

He was no fool. Lobster may have been his first choice but we negotiated tuna. I have no idea where he got a taste for tuna. I never saw him fishing. He wouldn’t go near the pond.

(No, there is no tuna in my pond! Just some nice little gold-fish that are multiplying like rabbits! Note to self: Renew sex talks with fish)

In the month before his death, I not only refilled his outrageously expensive medication but also purchased a BIG supply of tuna cat food. I was very optimistic.

The other cats will eat the canned tuna but not the dry stuff. The kibble was a premium brand with no grains or additives. (Nothing but the best!) When I say premium I mean $$$.

The little bugger died before eating it. That means I have 9 pounds of dry cat food that no one (except my sister-in-law but that’s another story) likes.

It’s packed up for the shelter trip that I am hoping the beloved husband makes. Otherwise I will need more cat beds.

Note on sister-in-law – She has been known to grab a handful of kibble that I keep on the counter. She says it’s tasty!


57 thoughts on “Sassy Cats – Another shelter run

  1. Years ago, when I worked at my first radio station, a co-worker told me the dish on her desk was filled with health-food treats. I grabbed a handful before she could stop me. It was dog kibbles. Yuck! I’m sure that Jake would approve your donating his food to a shelter.

    Kate … About that shelter run. I advise you to wear blinders if you go in. I’d be tempted to add to our kitty family, too, if I ventured inside one again. 😉

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  2. I think it’s good to know yourself well enough to not put temptation in your path! I don’t think I would bring any more animals home, but the shelters do upset me. I can’t stand to see those little faces and I always come away upset. I do like your idea of taking towel and food to the shelter, though. I always have old towels and don’t know what to do with them. What a good idea!


  3. I truly believe you need another cat and should definitely be the one dropping off the cat goodies. If you don’t go, your husband could come home with the wrong cat…. you don’t want that!!!
    I keep the cat pantry well stocked with cat food, dry and canned. I figure if we have the BIG ONE (earthquake) I will have food for a few days, or even weeks, until I can get out again. I also keep well stocked with gallon bottles of water just in case,,, but that’s a whole other blog post…

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    • I have a family full of grazers. They are not trainable (well maybe with a shock collar but I wouldn’t even use that on a pet). Anything on the countertop is game. Fortunately only Morgan (my cat) will jump on one counter (which is where the kibble was) and I keep it there so my dieting cat won’t feast on it. We often have nuts on the people counter for people. Morgan seems to get the distinction.


  4. I guess the kibble couldn’t hurt you. Might try tossing it on a salad or in trail mix. Maybe a handful on top of oatmeal. I usually put yogurt and a sprinkle of nuts on mine. Kibble would make a nice little crunch.
    I’m not doing it!!!! These are just little suggestions for your sister-in-law. 🙂


  5. There will be some very well-fed, very happy, shelter kitties. Also when I see “shelter run” I get excited to see your new cat(s)! I know that’s not the intent but I think we both know what’s going to happen.


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