Random 5 for January 17 – Bowie, hair trends, birthdays, traditions, pictures

R.I.P. David – I was not a great David Bowie fan but I could appreciate his talent. Pushing the envelope keeps music interesting and he did that well. We were contemporaries with birthdays a few days apart. Seems young from my perspective.

No ‘poo – The latest hair trend is no ‘poo. Kim Kardashian washes her hair every five days. In between she rinses with no shampoo. My hair is and always was oily. As a youth I was hounded by the big oil cartels who wanted to drill in my scalp and lay a pipeline. The EPA put a stop to that. Who knew that my dandruff was considered toxic waste. For 50 years I washed my hair every single day and it never dried out. In the past few years I could go two days. By the end of the second day I have a Vaseline kind of look. I could not go five days with no ‘poo.

A present! – This week was my birthday and after I blogged about seizing control “borrowing” the beloved husband’s camera, he gave me one as a gift. I don’t know if he was protecting his possessions or he thought I needed my very own. I am not questioning his excellent decision!

A tradition broken – For birthdays we always go to a very trendy high-end restaurant. The very day I was to get a reservation for my birthday there was an announcement in our paper that it had closed. Bummer! They could have waited another week. The camera made up for that disappointment.

Speaking of my new camera – I took some pictures. The beloved husband was blurred but Morgan and Mollie were (somewhat) willing to humor me.

Here is Mollie doing yoga -- downward dog position

Here is Mollie doing yoga — downward dog position

Morgan complaining about the interruption. Something about her modeling contract or something.

Here is Morgan complaining about the interruption. Something about her modeling contract renewal.

67 thoughts on “Random 5 for January 17 – Bowie, hair trends, birthdays, traditions, pictures

  1. You already know how I am feeling about Bowie but to honour and keep his memory going I am reading his 100 books, there is actually a facebook group for it, if someone is so inclined.

    Let’s talk about the no ‘poo thing! I have been doing it for a while now. So I guess I did it before Kim? haha. The first week is hell, and your scalp flakes like crazy but now it is not doing that anymore and I can go longer and longer without washing. My hair actually feels healthier!

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  2. What a fabulous birthday present! Happy birthday, and I do agree with you about the feeling that David Bowie, Alan Rickman and now Glenn Frey…young from my perspective, too! Thanks for alerting me to the new “no poo” trend! I had not heard this before. I cannot imagine who first thought this was a good idea! Oh those Kardashians! 😦

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  3. I have found that I wash my hair much less frequently now that I’ve retired. Fortunately, I have dry-ish hair so no oil slicks have been sighted. My hair dresser says that it’s much healthier now that I’m not fussing with it so much. I didn’t realize that I had so much in common with Kim Kardashian.


  4. Happy Birthday greetings to you, and congrats on your new camera. Bummer about the restaurant, though. Guess that means it’s time to scope out a new place to continue the tradition. I absolutely adore the downward dog photo of Mollie! So cute! One of those shots that was timed perfectly. And Morgan? Well, I always love any photos of her. Precious, with an attitude. 🙂


  5. I love Mollie’s stretching exercise – Downward Dog pose. Morgan might be right about that modeling contract. Check the fine print. Happy Birthday, Kate. So happy for you about the new camera. They’re always great fun – even if the cats do mumble a bit. 😉

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  6. Great cat pictures! I love downward dog. How nice to get your own camera!

    It’s fun to have birthday traditions. Too bad the restaurant owner had his own agenda. I hope you had a happy birthday. Have you found a place to start a new tradition?

    I always thought I was going to like David Bowie’s music–just because he looked so interesting. But I think his tunes weren’t catchy enough for me. Also I may have been abroad when he was popular. I don’t think he was popular in the Philippines.


    • Bowie’s music was different. He had some catchy tunes (Fame comes to mind) but there was always a darkness about them. January birthdays are not the best. Weather is cold, yada yada. I always wanted a summer birthday!


  7. I didn’t follow David Bowie much, but all the same he was a giant in music, and his passing was very sad. Kate, sounds like you and I have the same kind of hair. Belated Happy Birthday! Your camera takes great pictures! But, I guess that’s what cameras are suppose to do. Unless I’m the one snapping the pictures. 😀

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  8. Happy Birthday! Cool pics with your camera.

    I was never a huge Bowie fan — he’s not even on my iPod, I noticed right after his death. Yet, were it not for him I would never have become a huge fan of Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, King Crimson, Adrian Belew, The Talking Heads, Roger Eno, and Roxy Music. So he’s responsible for a major part of my progressive rock and ambient music love. His passing is sad.


  9. Mollie really does a nice downward dog ~ but don’t tell her that’s what she’s doing!
    Happy belated birthday, Kate! Have fun with the new camera. What a great gift!


  10. This is what happens to almost every restaurant hubby and I really like. It’s so disconcerting. I’m sorry for the bad timing, but hope your birthday was fabulous anyway (of course it was with the new camera!!!). Your kitties are such beauties.


  11. Happy birthday (and, as we say, many many more). And many happy days and years with your new camera. Sounds like the perfect gift, not just for you but for your blog followers in posts to come….


  12. First off, Happy Belated Birthday, and how great you got a camera, and look at those photos. Morgan could model, no question. So could Hazel if she didn’t mind being a plus-size girl. They make a fortune, but, I do know how sensitive she is about her weight.

    David Bowie. That shocked me. Had just seen pictures of him at the opening of his play and he looked fine. He always had that chiseled look, bones like his beautiful wife Iman, so it really stunned me that he had died.
    This is the time when you read about the passing of people you never thought would pass you. So humbling to say the least.

    On a lighter note, I wash my hair once a week. Every morning, I wet it under the sink since I look like Don King when I get up. then lather it with Kiehl’s Conditioner before I venture out. My big hair secret.

    Nice randoms this week Kate. 🙂


  13. Oh man! I’m sorry I missed your birthday but I guess it’s better late than never. Happy Birthday Kate!!!!!! And many more. Too bad you couldn’t go to your restaurant of choice but I think the camera did make up for it 😉.
    Enjoy taking pictures.

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  14. Wow, so glad to know that I’m not the only one who said, to herself only, “David who?” However I was upset by the announcement of the passing of Alan Rickman. I have so enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies. Eh? I’m odd for a 65 year old. Now to grab more coffee and stay warm. We are “enjoying” sub zero temperatures and way sub zero wind chills.


  15. Some of Bowie’s songs are all time faves of mine . . . especially Changes. It 25th album, released this week, deals with death and dying. What a way to go.

    Love Mollie’s downward facing dog!


  16. Happy Birthday
    ( I have to admit…..I really had never heard of DB. So many have that I just go along and say……Oh what a shame. 😦 Then I brought up some of his things and knew exactly why. I’m out of it and …….. so glad I am. 🙂 )


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