Dropping like flies

Last week when David Bowie died, it was sad. Like the end of an era sad.

I had a sense of sadness that had to do as much with time passing and an acknowledgment of my own aging as it had to do with his death.

Then Glenn Frey died. His style of country rock was the stuff I was raised on. The stuff I boogied to (and other stuff that will remain edited out of this post).

To say I was a big fan would be putting it mildly. I like the Eagles better than the Beatles. (I know, heresy!) I had the albums and the moves and later CDs. I knew the words to the songs. Mostly.

I was lucky enough to see them in concert. It was the “Hell Freezes Over” tour in 1994. The concert was the highlight of a year full of marital strife. It was the one thing that made me feel young that year and I’ll always be grateful to them for that.

They were to be honored at the Kennedy Center in 2015 but declined hoping to postpone it so Glenn would be able to attend. That was not to happen.

My Mom always said things come in threes so I am expecting another great rocker to die….soon.

So rockers beware!

RIP Glenn Frey


55 thoughts on “Dropping like flies

  1. The Eagles were always my favorite. Somehow their music touched me more than any other group. We tend to think these icons are immortal and it’s such a shock when they die.

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  2. The Eagles were BIG during college for me and they got a lot of play. I never cared much for the Beatles but I did have a bit of a crush on John Lennon. 2016 has been unsettling with all the deaths of people I respected and enjoyed. I miss Alan Rickman more that I can say. I was hoping for a better 2016 because 2015 was not the best by any stretch of the imagination.


  3. This feeling you described, Kate, I think I have never heard it put into words better than you did it. We all age and we all die, but when our icons die—and with everyone reminding us how young they were—it has a profound impact on us. I only hope they don’t come in three’s this time.


    • I’m hoping Natalie Cole was really the first musician to go making it three. As someone else mentioned I’m still struggling with Robin Williams. These people come into your life and you grow up with them. Then you die with them.


      • Well lets not go too far. I think Robin’s death was a huge surprise. Natalie Cole’s also came out of the blue. I think when people die that are bigger than life—people we’ve all grown up with—its a blow because death becomes all too real. But I think your right Kate, I think a part of us dies too.

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  4. I saw them for the first time in Shanghai, China a few years ago. I’m with you on the Beatles versus the Eagles. I liked the Eagles more and I’m not sure I can defend my point of view but they just happened to be the background music of so much of my life.


  5. I can’t myself quite go as far as comparing them to the Beatles, but the beauty of music is that it’s so subjective for every listener. For you they were, and that’s all that matters! The Eagles for me represent what came after the “first wave” of that California singer-songwriter period of the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Doors, etc. Along with CSNY, Jackson Browne, J.D. Souther, and Linda Ronstadt, they were the soundtrack for so much of my junior high and high school years. Although I’ve gotten tired of hearing “Hotel California” because of radio playing it too much, it’s still my favorite Eagles song along with “The Sad Cafe” and Desperado.” Glenn is a fellow Detroit area boy, so he was my favorite in that group. It’s so sad to see our cultural icons passing away. Great post, Kate.


  6. Their music was certainly more consistent than the Beatles. I loved The Eagles. Their music and lyrics are timeless. It’s a very strange feeling watching the people you grew up with pass away, especially when you can listen to their music and be young again with them. It’s all very strange.


  7. An older friend of mine had this whole FB post last week about how unfair it was that “real rockers” like Lemmy (of Motorhead, I guess?) and David Bowie died, but that all the Eagles were still alive. You just don’t even want to see that poor man’s FB page today. He is taking a beating.

    Also, a group of people are petitioning him to start talking smack about recently deceased politicians now…


  8. It’s a reminder to us all that even our beloved icons are mortal, and that clock keeps ticking forward. I’m still haven’t managed to find any peace with the death of Robin Williams (and others), but you’re right … it will be any day now we’ll be hearing of the death of yet another great icon from our life … the people who helped us try to make sense of it all when things got confusing. I’ve been playing Hotel California today as I’ve been puttering around preparing for my sister’s arrival (she’s coming for a week long visit). Not sure if this is hurting my heart, or helping it heal, but in any case, the sounds are slowing soothing away my sadness. He will be missed.


  9. Last year was a year of loss for me with friends my age dropping like flies. Then to lose David, Alan, Glenn, etc…. all my age group. is pretty shocking on a different level. While the Beatles were a huge influence on music, they were never my favorite band… although I still have a soft spot for Ringo!!!


  10. Weird how we invest so much emotion into these people who we really don’t know at all, but feel like we do. They help us through difficult times, and then when they’re gone there’s a hole. If nothing else, that is what this month as taught me.


      • Sorry that this month is difficult for you. I’ve heard that more people die in January because they want to live through Christmas, then don’t care anymore. Don’t know if that’s true, but it makes sense to me.


  11. Being a 1946 vintage person, it is rather disconcerting to keep hearing about my “peers” passing on! It rather makes me think although, having a questionable short term memory, I cannot remember what I am thinking. I never liked The Beatles either, but then my impressionable years were spent listening to The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Yes, and a host of English Folk musicians (Renbourne, Jansch, Denny, McTell, Giltrap et al). Sandy Denny passed on many years ago. Bert Jansch not too long ago. It is a little disconcerting, and I have so much that I still want to do! Better go! 🙂


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