Sassy cats – Epilogue on Gracie’s surgery and an unanswered question


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Cats are like people, all are different. I have four and no two are alike. Not even close. Gracie is new to the group. She’s been here since January and I’m still trying to figure her out. She’s not as … Continue reading

Really weird vibes or the power of suggestion


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After I got home from running errands, I ate lunch. My ankle itched. Since my encounter with the tick I don’t automatically scratch. I check to see what it is. It was my cat Hazel. She was intently smelling my … Continue reading

Sassy cats – The ribbon apocalypse


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It entered the house innocently. Someone put it on a gift as part of the decorative wrapping. Its evil intent hidden to the unsuspecting household. It was shiny and red and oh so pretty. The family liked pretty rather than … Continue reading