Really weird vibes or the power of suggestion

After I got home from running errands, I ate lunch. My ankle itched.

Hazel: Morgan! Come here and smell this!

Hazel: Morgan! Come here and smell this!

Since my encounter with the tick I don’t automatically scratch. I check to see what it is. It was my cat Hazel. She was intently smelling my ankle as if it was a piece of tuna. High quality tuna!

I shooed her away and went back to my lunch.

OMG! This is awesome! Did you have a lick?

Morgan: OMG! This is awesome! Did you have a lick?

She came back with Morgan, my other cat. I could hear her say, “See, I told you it smelled awesome. Do you think it is dog poo or rotten bird guts?”

Morgan responds, “Get out of the way and let me smell it good. Maybe moose poo. Do we have moose poo? I saw a moose on Animal Planet once.”

Now my whole leg was itching. Both cats were smelling and using their whiskers. They wouldn’t let me eat lunch. Their wet noses would butt my leg.

Mollie: I never smelled anything like that. Maybe it's catnip on a stick!

Mollie: I never smelled anything like that. Maybe it’s catnip on a stick!

I knew I was in trouble when they called Mollie out of her mid-morning nap (not to be confused with her early morning or early afternoon nap — often they all overlap) to investigate.

At first it was just my left leg. Then they moved to my right one. I didn’t use a different lotion. Nor had I met any animal who might deposit odors on me.

It wasn’t my shoes because I took them off. After investigating them properly for a possible poo-stepping incident, they went back to my ankles.

The only place I was (besides the old lady gym and Starbucks drive-through) was the grocery store. The produce section for heaven’s sakes! Vegetables, fruit, lettuce — no meat!

Well, I did buy bacon. When I buy it I bake it all at once. Then we nuke a piece as we eat it. Maybe some bacon juice dripped on my leg.

This went on for hours.

It was funny. Sort of. That is until I remembered about dogs smelling disease.

Then I remember that cat at a nursing home that when from dying patient to dying patient to comfort. If she jumped on your bed you were gonna die.

Am I gonna die? Can cats smell disease too? How do I tell my doc that I need a PET scan (no pun intended) because my cats smell something fatal? Should I take them along to demonstrate so he knows the exact spots?

This went on until dinner when I showered.

That is the power of suggestion…even from an animal.

Hey, what’s that on your nose?


53 thoughts on “Really weird vibes or the power of suggestion

  1. I just wiped my nose.

    And yet! I disagree with your conclusions. It is a mystery and there must be some detail you have missed. Maybe you walked through tall grass? Maybe y stray cat brushed up against you and you are so used to this sensation that you didn’t even notice?

    And by the way, if a cat jumping on your bed meant you are going to die than neither of us would be having this conversation.

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  2. You got me nervous all of a sudden there, just before the end! Do give us some advance warning, please, if the cats do at some point actually smell your death. As a gesture of courtesy to your blog followers, I mean. Some of us have tender feelings.


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  3. Just be honest–did you at any point in time ask the Beloved Husband to sniff your ankles and try to figure out what was going on? Please share all pertinent details. As well as all impertinent details. Just share everything.

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    • Of course I did! (Did you forget we are the same?) It’s the first thing after trying to smell them myself. (All in the name of research for my dear readers.) He refused multiple times. I’m afraid it’s going to impact our relationship.

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    • From the intensity and repeated returns all day long, it had to be except I don’t know how it would have gotten there. Perhaps the plastic it was wrapped in dripped when I put it in the trash.


  4. The power of suggestion: 1) Hazel imagines she smells something. 2) Morgan thinks he smells something since Hazel did. 3) Mollie convinces herself she smells something. There’s obviously something smelly there since Hazel and Morgan smelled it. 4) You’re only the last in the chain to be sucked in.

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  5. I just sprayed my Sperry Topsiders that look very much like yours with Fabreze…twice. Boy, were they gamey, and I didn’t have a cat to tell me,

    Did you ever read that book about Oscar who jumped on those beds? I know I sent it to you and was sorry later…poignant, but who needs to be sad. sigh.

    Maybe they were just loving you, those girls.

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  6. A PET scan measures important body functions, such as blood flow, oxygen use, and sugar (glucose) metabolism, to help doctors evaluate how well organs and tissues are functioning.

    Hope your PET scan turned out OK!

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    • They used it for cancer checks when I was recovering in addition to the MRI. I’m guessing it can detect tissue masses too. I’m going to wait a few days to see if it was just moose poop.


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