Sassy cats — Morgan revisited

Morgan, one of my one-eyes!

We are about five weeks out from Hazel’s passing. I still miss her and so does Morgan. She has become more needy. (A nicer person would say affectionate.) Other than her major naps, she likes to be near me. Like Velcro. She has always been a friendly cat but independent. She’s won’t crawl into your lap (Gracie will do that with the intention of paralyzing your legs). She doesn’t sleep with us (that is Mollie’s job) although she’s often in the same room on the lounge chair. She was around but never attached.

I’ve tried to be more attentive and give her things she loves. Catnip, cat grass and then I found something new.

When Hazel was alive I didn’t do treats because of her diet. There was no way I was giving tasty morsels to three cats and not to the other one. I found a bag and gave some to Morgan. Now we have a ritual that requires treats. She sure learned that fast.

She will be seven this year. The time has gone so fast. Here are some fun pictures of her over the years.

Shortly after joining us. She was in the laundry room sink hanging with my tomatoes. She was just under a year old. Very intrepid.

Hello Cortana! She is ready to engage my computer in some mischievous behavior. And yes she has done that. I have heard conversations with Cortana when I wasn’t in the room. Scary. I’m grateful she can’t read my credit card.

Gracie (left) and Morgan doing a meet and greet. I’m fortunate that they are friends, often playing chase through the house. There is the occasional mishap where something falls to the floor. They are cats after all.

Snoozing with her buddy Hazel. Hazel was the universal cat that got along with everyone.

This header is my favorite of all. There is a trust and innocence that comes through for me. Although picked up as a stray, she was obviously around people. She was very socialized and not fearful of anyone. She is still like that although sometimes when we have guests she prefers to nap. Perhaps she thinks they are boring. Not bringing treats or catnip toys. What were they thinking?

Morgan checking from under the bed.

Always went where no cat should go. The duck and vase on the left are both history. There are always casualties.

All the cats wish you a great weekend.

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Morgan revisited

  1. “Always casualties” Hey Morgan thinks a cat is a much better mantle accessory than inanimate objects anyway…besides, someone has to be in a towering position to keep one eye on things. The header is cute, but the picture of Morgan peeking out from the covers is tops with me.
    Glad your realm is managing to carry on

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  2. I think loss and sadness is always a time for treats, so I’m glad you found a way to share with Morgan. Everybody’s place in the family system was interrupted when Hazel left you. Anyone who doesn’t understand an animal’s sensitivity hasn’t spent any time in their company!


  3. Aww, Morgan. I am glad you found a ritual with her, Kate. She is such a sweet cat. She is working through it just like you. I wanted so much to help Z and I couldn’t make it happen. But you are making it easier for Morgan to deal with the loss of Hazel. I am not surprised that Morgan is having a bit of confusing time. I think it is a plus that you have a multi-cat home. Provides distraction for Morgan and a sense of every day-ness that comforts.♥ I enjoyed Morgan’s Sassy Cat pictures this morning.

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  4. I hear ya about the treats. With Sophie, she can’t have most. Since the cats eat very little dry food (more like a snack at night), I have a jar of Sophie’s prescription diet dry food in a jar and pretend it’s a treat. She buys it.

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    • Hazel loved dry food but couldn’t (or shouldn’t) eat it so I got a dry that was specifically for her and occasionally gave her that as a treat. Morgan has taken a big like to the treats (when I adopted Gracie they gave me two pouches but Gracie wasn’t interested) but neither Mollie or Gracie will eat them. Ok with me. I’m never sure if packaged treats are just fancy kibble or really unhealthy for them.


  5. Sweet kitties. Most cats are needy – except Foster who likes to roam the neighborhood at night and sometimes go missing for a week. What can you expect from a feral stray? I keep telling H we need a cat that will let us love it. He keeps saying no. If one mysteriously showed up one day. I bet he’d love it.

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  6. So glad you guys can comfort each other! Love all the pictures, but especially the meet and greet one and her peering out from under the bed. 🙂 Also she looks like she totally belongs on the mantle of the fireplace! 🙂

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  7. Do you keep a tally of how many times you feature each cat? If so, and the other cats get wind of it, Morgan is going to get some razzing from them. Although I understand why she makes it into your blog so often, she’s a sweetie.

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    • It’s been interesting watching it all. I haven’t noticed anything different with Gracie or even Mollie. Hazel came here about 3 months after Mollie (she was really Mollie’s pet) and they were close for a long time. Mollie gravitated to staying upstairs and didn’t like sleeping with cats so after a few years they rarely spent any time together. Morgan is the only one. I have tons of pictures of Morgan and Hazel together. Somehow that friendship jelled early and remained.

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