Random 5 for April 11, 2021 – Imaginary things, Fitbit, organization, crafts, memories


It’s been a crazy week. Lots of weird stuff happening. I got it, I got it! Early in the week the cats were going crazy. They were all batting and chasing an imaginary bug. I couldn’t see it. With all the … Continue reading

Random 5 for June 18 – Dad, money, garden, TV, mosquitoes


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Happy Father’s Day – My Dad died when I was very young. It was very devastating personally. Here is one of the few pictures I have of him. Happy Father’s Day to all! Finances – I recently switched banks and … Continue reading

Random 5 for June 12 – Jake, rabbits, bird nests, peace, boobs


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Remembering Jake – I am clearing out the pond area and really need to pull out Jake’s catnip bush. We have other bushes in the yard where I can clip a slip for the cats but this was the one … Continue reading

Random 5 for July 26 – kittens, spiders, consumer marketing, demographics, traffic lights


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Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur – My heart was warmed this week. I went to pick up a sale item at a store. Inside the store I heard a “squawking” that I thought was a bird. I … Continue reading