Random 5 for June 18 – Dad, money, garden, TV, mosquitoes

On of the very few pictures I have of my Dad.

Happy Father’s Day – My Dad died when I was very young. It was very devastating personally. Here is one of the few pictures I have of him. Happy Father’s Day to all!

Finances – I recently switched banks and was looking at interest rates. I may as well put my money under my pillow. The only good thing about sticking it in a bank is that cats won’t chew on it.

Wishing and hoping – Through a combination of starting my own seeds, using a grow light and waiting to transplant until the soil warmed up, I have tomatoes on my plants. For the first time ever I may have tomatoes by the 4th of July. Then again, a groundhog may come through and wipe me out. Maybe I should get out my water pistol!

Is it just me? – Or is TV a barren wasteland this summer? I like stories, not reality or game shows. My favorites, like Rizzoli and Isles, Bones, The Mentalist and Castle are all history. There aren’t making shows like that. With the rest of my current favs on summer hiatus, I’ve been “Big Banged” to death. I’ve seen some episodes so many times that I know the actor’s lines but it always gives me a good belly laugh. Time to read.

Skeeter time — This is a bad year for bugs. Our neighbor is complaining about ticks in the grass but we have more issues with mosquitoes. In the past I’ve always been at the bottom of the mosquito’s list of yummy people. It was like the story about meeting a bear. You don’t have to outrun the bear, just the slowest person. The beloved husband is less tasty than I am so they swarm me. I don’t like to spray because of frogs, cats and other wildlife so I’ve been encouraging the same wildlife to eat the mosquitoes. Right now the frogs are too busy courting but as soon as that’s done….maybe. We are lucky as we are not in a region with mosquito-borne illnesses (unless you can categorize cranky as an illness).

So how was your week?


53 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 18 – Dad, money, garden, TV, mosquitoes

  1. It must have been very hard to lose your Dad when you were very young… I am so sorry. I have very few pictures of any family and I don’t know why. I can remember my Dad always having the newest camera.
    We have so many skeeters that we can’t walk from the house to the garage without being swarmed. Skeeters have always zeroed in on me. Your tomatoes are looking good! None of our tomatoes have made it to the house because CH eats them… they are just the teeny tomatoes buy they are delicious and so easy to just pop in your mouth. TV IS a barren wasteland. I have been watching MASH and Everybody Loves Raymond with a Murder She Wrote thrown in here and there.

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    • Murder She Wrote was one of my favs too! All the old snapshots are in bad shape. Probably from decades in an attic that’s both too hot and too cold. No tomatoes yet but I plant the cherry and early ones. Have no patience for the big slicers that take until August to ripen!


  2. I’m so sorry about your dad, Kate. I didn’t realize that you had lost him so young.
    My week. Hah. It ended with moving Perry to a different room and moving his stuff all over and washing his bedding and only THEN discovering a hairball of his with a mass of round worms sticking out of it. This winter I just had that other parasite with Felix. WAAAAAAAAAA! I can’t even sleep right now because I am so overtired and upset about it.

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  3. It’s always hard to recommend television shows to another person. We all have different providers and tastes. But I will mention that we have really loved “Genius” on the National Geographic Channel…if you happen to have that channel. It’s a Ron Howard drama based on the life of Albert Einstein, and it has been the equivalent of a “page-turner.” Can’t wait for each episode. We have had a lot of mosquitos lately, too, and I’ve been buying the “dunks” that are often used in horse troughs and the like. I think they’ve helped. Hope you have a very good week, Kate.

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  4. That’s too bad that you didn’t have more time with your dad.

    I’m almost afraid to say anything about mosquitoes, because we’ve not had any in the mountains. In NY though, if we wanted to sit outside, we’d train a fan on us to keep them at bay.

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  5. I finally opened a savings account. HA! I have made 20 cents in 6 months. $1.20 a year will not buy me a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

    What a tragedy to lose your father so early. I was 24 when mine died. He was 80 then but at least I have my childhood memories with him. Your Dad looks intensely handsome in that photo.

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  6. Janis has a great idea there! I too am the first that mosquitoes feast upon. Perhaps Janis and I could be rented out as a team. It’s an environmentally friendly option…and shouldn’t hurt the dogs, cats or other wildlife!

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  7. A good picture of your Dad. Sorry that you had to lose him at such a young age.
    I agree with you about TV. I hated seeing Bones come to an end! I also get great belly laughs out of Big Bang. But that is one of the very few shows still left to watch on Tv!

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  8. I have watched you be kind and gentle to all creatures, (those crawling and those running!). And so, I have often thought of you every time I kill a spider or swat a fly!

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  9. Our green tomatoes are not turning red AT ALL. I’ve never seen them be so unenthusiastic. I blame it on the excess humidity that’s going on here. Which, of course, brings with it mosquitos. I have a citronella plant in a pot on the deck and it’s doing a nice job of keeping the mosquitos away. As long as you sit within 3 ft of the plant! 😉

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    • The mosquitoes are partly our fault. We dug out pachysandra to plant a tree intending to put the pachy somewhere else. Then it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and the pachy was in trays with standing water. I drained a few times but it was a breeding ground. We planted the pachy about a week ago the but mosquitoes are still hanging around the one area. My problem is that the frogs go in the area (and yes, they will eat them) so I don’t want to spray. I use deep woods on my clothes when I work in that area. No color on tomatoes but they are bigger than usual.

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  10. I’m green that you have tomatoes. We have the start of flowers on the potato plants though
    I can sum up our week in one word: HOT.
    It’s 28 degrees and rising (inside). Poor Maggie can’t find anywhere cool and Hubby gave her a shower this morning outside to try and cool her down as well as get rid of her whiffiness. She practically steamed, bless her.

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