Sassy cats — Mostly cat pictures

It’s been a quiet week cat-wise except for a food boycott. After months of coaxing Gracie to eat normal cat food, all was good. Then she started boycotting what was formerly her favorites. Ack! I have no idea what she wants to eat but at this point I know that she will figure something out when she gets hungry. The big challenge is to not have cat food within easy reach of our tubster Hazel whose diet is currently in shambles. Here are some pics.

Gracie is at window and Morgan is photobombing.

Here is Hazel with her head in the cat door to the basement (home of acres of litter boxes!).

Here is Mollie at the top of the stairs. As she gets older, she rarely comes downstairs, preferring instead the solitude and quiet of the second floor.

All the cats here wish you a wonderful weekend.

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Mostly cat pictures

  1. I find it interesting that Mollie stays upstairs! If she has everything she needs upstairs and is so comfortable then I don’t know why she needs more. But I think I’ve always pictured them in mischief all over the house. I hope they behave themselves this week…no drama! 🙂

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    • Mollie is 13. I think she has some allergies because she scratches a lot. Originally she stayed upstairs because Morgan was pesty but now none of the cats bother her but she still prefers the upstairs.


    • If you saw them in person they do not look like twins. Gracie is 7 lbs and Morgan is 12. Morgan looks like a Russian blue with a flatter face and Gracie looks more Burmese with a longer nose. Both are very outgoing cats. The older two don’t always let us pet them (and guests rarely see them) but the grays are always around and friendly to everyone.


  2. We lost our Grenny this week. She was eighteen. Our house is cat free for the first time in thirty-nine years. The stray cat, Skitty was making a habit of coming in, but my mom had a stroke and is in rehab. If Skitty can’t have Mom, she doesn’t want in. The house is so quiet. It’s weird. I don’t think I like it. There is nothing like a sappy movie, a soft chair, and a clingy cat the help you through a boring evening.

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  3. Such cuties. I wonder why Gracie is being picky again? I always have Gerber baby food ) the ham one, but there are other meat ones) on hand for when someone doesn’t want to eat. Most will eat that unless they are very sick.

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  4. Darling cats ! … my cat was fussy too.. I tried everything… in the end, the vat diagnosed cancer, but on steroids she still kept going for another six months… cats are so unpredictable… and stay in the heart forever…

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  5. Hazel is contemplating a visit to the acres of litter boxes I suppose or snooping on another cat thinking they have some privacy. Love the Gracie and Morgan picture. I would be like Mollie… enjoying solitude and quiet. I need my space… 🙂

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