Sassy cats — Trust your cats

Two seconds before I snapped this shot, Sasha was lying between both cats. Just like that I reached for the camera and she was gone. This is after the moth dessert.

Whenever one or several of my cats are intently staring at something I know it’s cause for concern. It may be a bat or a mouse or a chipmunk (yes I had all three at one time or another). Sometimes it’s a cricket or a house fly.

I bought a bag of corn cobs to feed the squirrels. They were in the laundry area waiting to move to the garage. Morgan took a great interest in the bag. No constant but sniffing for a while, then returning after a nap or a nosh.

In the evening she didn’t come out for supper. Morgan likes supper so I knew something was us. She was sitting in front of the bag staring. I looked around and didn’t see anything. Soon she was joined by Sasha and Gus. Three cats staring at a bag of corn? Something was up.

I thought maybe there was a mouse in back of it or in the package. It wouldn’t be unusual for a mouse to chew a hole and get inside but I couldn’t see any sign of that. I gingerly moved the bag and a huge moth flew up. They were all in heaven. I’m sure someone had it for dessert.

The good news is that I didn’t have to rescue a mouse. I don’t rescue moths. They are on their own. Always listen to your pets. They see the unseen.


57 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Trust your cats

  1. My cat will take off running across the room and stand staring at something. Usually a centipede or spider. He doesn’t do anything, just finds them and I rescue them. His late brother used to eat the centipedes before I could get to them. Really gross to watch.

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  2. Fortunately I have no bat/mouse experience with any of my cats but moths seem to be a special treat like giving a kid an ice cream cone. Ted will chase them and wear them down until they rest just a second to long then…..he gets his moth-cream cone!!!!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Or not. I was sure it had to be a mouse. We haven’t seen any at this house and I like it like that. The only thing worse than rescuing a mouse is finding mouse part scattered over the house (and wondering if your cat will get worms).

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